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Because he's a d**k and nobody in the show seems to realize it.
He also seems like a bit of a creator's pet.
Makorra was a plot leech.
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This .gif accurately explains why I think he has so much hate:
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In the last episode of se1, he never officially ended his relationship with Asami and has now kissed Korra twice while being in a relationship (albeit, shattered) with someone else.

His character lacks honor, as the .gif implies.
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I think Mako recieves alot of hate because his Character is a lot like a bad written OC. Its my oppinion also. I mean look at him: He never has to pay for what he does wrong, he always gets sheltered and protected by the writers, and in the end even gets the girl of his dreams even though he has not proven to deserve her at all. Also he's always the one "saving" the situation even though we get never shown anything of his actual skill. The writers just tell us that he's a strong and talented Bender, but do they proof it, no they don't ever. I mean if you want to count these few battle scenes he had, okay, but I for my part didn't find them very impressive. Yeah... Mako reminds me of Edward Cullen from twilight somehow. I know I'm going to get bashed now, but that's my oppinion and haters gonna hate! (;
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QFT. Mako is a poorly written, almost Gary-Stu level firebending OC. If he was written better, perhaps less people would be so angry~
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his character was so... dry stare , to me, his character was tossed around too much, from determined competitor, to nervous boyfriend, to a caring brother, to concerned guyfriend( to korra, which seemed weird since he cared for asami in the previous episdoe) and then he became kinda useless in the finally besides trying to save korra (again)
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I donno. I think if Mako had more character development, he could be pretty great. I think he needs to be slapped around for getting away with douchebaggery, and it bothered me that he just dropped Asami and went all making out with Korra, but I thought it was also kinda sweet how protective he is of his brother. The romance between the two was rushed, but again, I think all it needs is more development.

Mako had potential to be a great, yet flawed character. Like others have mentioned, we could have forgiven the amount of intrapersonal flaws he had if the writers actually PUNISHED Mako for his behavior. Someone mentioned in another thread that Mako was hogging Korra from Bolin, and yeah, he absolutely was. He wasn't content to have a gorgeous, rich girlfriend that would do anything for him! He had to also have the Avatar pining after him to inflate his ego. The fact that he and Asami didn't break up earlier and there was no retribution for Mako's obvious CHEATY sentiment made it worse.

I wish at the end when Mako kissed Korra, she would have felt nothing and pushed him away, being all "Sorry, I am just not that into you." It honestly seemed like she wasn't for the last 2 episodes of the season. I could buy that she would never end up with Bolin and I could buy that Mako was falling out of love with Asami, but I honestly believe that last minute Mako/Korra kiss was the show writers trying to make up for the Zutara that never happened in the first show.
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Boohoo this hate is only going to be temporarily.

He is like a Zuko.

Slap on two seasons for character development and VOILA.

Story of my avatar life xp
I hate Mako because he is a slut. emotion_donotwant
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Because he sucks. .
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I don't really hate him either. Should he have put on his big kid pants and told Asami the truth instead of leading her on? Yes. Can he be an idiot sometimes? Yep. Is he kinda just there, without all that much background? You betcha.

But it was supposed to be a miniseries, so of course they weren't going to go into a full "AND ON HIS SEVENTH BIRTHDAY, HE GOT A STUFFED LION TURTLE THAT HE NAMED PROMETHEUS." And I mean, his parents are gone. So they couldn't really be like "BUT HERE'S GRANDMA. Sorry for, you know, kicking you all to the street to fend for yourselves." Grangran kinda took Kya's place for Katara and Sokka. I guess I could see them introducing a long lost uncle, or something. But they might have been thinking they would've gotten a lot of hate, and given the wrong message. Not to mention, it was supposed to be Korra-centric. Bolin didn't get a lot of backstory either. But I don't see as many complaints. Asami did due to the plot. It's hard to put a lot in there with just 12/13 episodes...

He shouldn't have lead Asami and Korra on like that. But, c'mon, guys. He's a teenager, he's not 30. He's gonna get confused, and he's gonna eff things up. Let the man make some mistakes. I'm sure most of us have done the same things. It's not like he killed them. Plus, Asami's pretty chill, so I think she'll be okay with it.

I dunno. Maybe I'm biased, 'cause I have a soft spot for angsty firebender boys with troubled pasts. I just don't get the hate.
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Mako was only made as Korra love interest. That all he'll ever be. Makorra= Zutara 2.0.

Also, why so much makorra hate? Yeah it was rushed and fickle, but I thought it was very true to how teenage romance tends to be.

I hate crummy teenage romance, thats why. I got enough of it in juinor high and high school. emotion_facepalm

I just hate how Mako was written. So inconsistant for no reson for one. When he went to resuce Bolin? Always calm and thought things though. Even when he didn't know where he was. Even when they SAW what Amon could do. Even when Bolin was up to get his bending taking away, calm and cunning. When he thought Korra was captured by Amon? "OMFG WE GOT TO DO SOMTHING WHERE IS KORRA YOU b*****d!? NAGA FOUND HER! MOVE IT MORONS! I CARE MORE ABOUT HER THAN YOU DO I GET TO CARRY HER!" There was no reson for the sudden change, and expacally about Korra. Even when Bolin was his ONLY family he had left.

Then theres how he treated Asami. I don't care if he's a "regular teenager," it still was a d**k move. "I don't like Korra! Oh you know about the kiss? Okay I should of said this instead of lying to you, but things are confusing, can we talk about this later?" stare

Then the whole thing in episode 5...ugh. Then almost breakning friendship up with Korra, even after ALL she's done for him and Bolin. emotion_eyebrow
He's a douchebag. When Bolin tells him that he likes Korra, Mako is all like "No don't date your teammates! Its a bad idea" and then Mako goes and kisses Korra. He goes back to his brother and tells him "I TOLD YOU SO" as if the kiss was Bolin's fault. When Bolin was kidnapped, Mako didn't give two shits, but when Korra was kidnapped, holy s**t he acted as if the world was on fire. You care more about a girl you've met a few weeks ago rather than your own brother?

He treated Asami like crap. He only started to like Korra when he found out she was the avatar and dumped Asami when she lost her father and her home.

He has NO PERSONALITY. He's just there, not having any substance. He's like a lamp or a rug: It's there, but who cares? Y'know.
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Love Mako heart

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