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I've seen quite a few "I miss" threads

So just put who you miss most here 3nodding
I miss Sokka and Iroh most crying
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Sokka is just...irreplaceable.
I never knew a cartoon character could make me laugh so hard.

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...Which I suppose means that during all of season two and three I was missing him which is true. But I don't really miss much from the original since it's all still right there either under my bed in a box set or at my fingertips to see again.

If you mean in Korra what I miss from the original show then nothing.
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the catus juice
I miss Aang and sokka a lot.
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i miss toff she was chill the blind chick
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Cabbage dude
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Sokka & the Earth King.
I know he wasn't very important, but he and his bear made me happy. XD

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Aang, Sokka and Uncle Iroh crying
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SOKKA !!!!! ZUKO !!!!! IM MISS YOU crying
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Sokka, Zuko and Mai
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My raging gay boner misses Zuko.

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