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are there any plans for tweaking the marketplace sell feature? its anoying to always need to change the old/new sell

also the new sell is set at 7 days.. is there a way of changing that to be a time that you would like to list things as a default or at least setting it to 14 days. i have hear a lot of commeents and compaints about the ways to sell
Thank you for joining us on this week's ATA! For all Football fans out there, enjoy the game this weekend! See you all next week! And I'll have puppy pictures to share biggrin
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Zero Omega
Zero Omega
Thank you for your time and I will do as you suggested.

Not a problem, and feel free to poke me about any other questions you might have.
Any chance we could ever see a total sub-forum instant chat?

~When you're in a sub-forum such as the exchange for example, you could click next to create new thread a button to join exchange chat, which is a chat room>strictly text, nothing like rally/towns<. Almost like how the meebo chat is set up, but that you could see everyone's text.

Just an idea I have had floating in my head for awhile.

Why do you need to put in your password to cancel a trade?

Mmm... Dunno about the instant chat, to be honest, that would require a lot of dev work so it would be up for them to decide.

And that is to verify that you are the owner of the account, just like how you need a password to send a trade. Just a security feature is all.
But why is there need for security to cancel a trade?

Oh wait, not security, that's to confirm you actually want to cancel or accept the trade. By entering in your password you are manually "confirming" that you want an action taken on the trade.
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Yeah, I have epilepsy. Those flashing lights, especially combined with some other items, aren't exactly the best thing to stumble upon in the forums. Yes, I could turn of all animations but then I don't get to enjoy any of the animated items

Not exactly fair that I either get nothing but awkward still from the new items or I get the possibility of triggering another seizure.
Oh Joy.
A smidget of concern would have been nice
I guess only certain sick people get cared about emotion_8c

Now now, that is not true! *hugs* We care about all of you - I can only answer things so quickly! We're so sorry if the new item is troubling for you. We tried to make it move extra slow just to try and avoid this situation. While we want people to have fun with the light animation, we don't want it to harm anyone. biggrin

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