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So, as people get achievements, their list of what they currently have gets longer. At some point it would be so long, they wouldn't be able to drag the icons towards the bottom of the page to the trio list under their avatar, due to the list no long being in sight. Do you think you guys could make it so at a certain point the list of obtained achievements gets a scroll bar?

If you use Firefox or Google Chrome, and have the Stylish extension, I have something that does that. You can PM me for details.
~King Awesome
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Zero Omega

Hi lanzer c:
Idk why my friend got hacked, but she tried to file a hacking and a ticket and we never got help or a response. Can you explain this because she had more than 1m worth of things in her account.

Have your friend PM me with the details of the case and I can help figure things out.

Okay. She isn't online at the moment but her account is Robotic buttlicker which is her mule she's using right now. And her old account was Melting Mochi.

Just let her know to PM me!
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Good Evening Staffers and Gaians~

Is there any plans for updating Trash items and Tattoos?

I do wish there were more things I could do with all this left over trash I keep picking up from the Dumpster Dive.

I also love tattoos, I have one of the Ouroboros on my chest and was excited to see it in the Lust item, but I need to wear the dress to have the tattoo, is there any way you could sdd these to the tattoos we can purchase or make it a separate item from Mech Neko.

I do so love the work you guys are doing here. heart
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This thread moves way too fast for me every time. emotion_0A0

-Smiles and nods to Sisky.-

Thanks. <3

King Awesomolocity

Thank you, King Awesome. I love this hat, my favorite item in all of Gaia.
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I know I posted a few pages ago with a question, but I thought of something new ...

Will there EVER be a possibility of buying Gaia Cash Cards in other countries? I know Target Aus and Target USA are considered two different companies ((since I work for Target in Aus)), so would it be truly difficult to get cards sent here? Or even just to gaming stores like EB Games and such?

Hey hey! Not the Gaia-branded cards, but you should be able to get a few of the other cards like Ultimate Game card or Zeevex and use THAT to get your Gaia cash. If you want more details, send me a pm and I can find some stores for you.

P.S. - My personal trainer is off to Australia for 3 weeks. I'll miss the workouts, but I'm sure he'll have fun. I told him to bring me back a wombat or a platypus! XD

Awesome! I'll send a PM then ^-^

Depending on where he goes, he'll be bound to have fun. If he's headed to NSW, tell him to bring a boat.

And you probably don't want a platypus. They don't do much. XDD
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I want to ask something about the 2012 Christmas event. Unlike most events, there were more prizes for one side than the other, and getting the achievement for one side took fewer moves than the other. Events are usually balanced, what was the reason for the change?

It was because we wanted to offer more incentive for being cheerful than not. Plus, needing 25 created and 17 destroyed totaled up to 42. You know, the secret of the universe.
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The Enforcer666
This is also pertaining to the Ignore update. So now we can't see people that have us on ignore. I know for a pretty good fact that the people I inform their threads are breaking some rule probably have me on ignore. All this does is open a whole new can of worms. Because I can't see them, I can't report their threads for breaking some rule or another. Will we now have more moderating in the forums? Just cause I can't see their threads, doesn't mean they aren't doing things breaking the rules.

The new ignore list needs fixes.
I think I should be able to see people who ignore me. They just can't see me.
~King Awesome

In a way, I agree. But then, what good would it do if you can see them but not interact with them at all? I will say the Ignore function DOES still need work.
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I have a question. Does buying Gaia Cash from the Gaia Online App work? I recently purchased 500GC for $4.99. It never came, plus it was deducted from my iTunes account. I already submitted a ticket though.. Still want to know though.

Many Gaians purchase through the app on a daily basis, so we're pretty sure that it works, at least most of the time. sweatdrop Please PM me your email that you made the purchase with or your order number and we'll be able to check for you ASAP.

I pmed you. c:
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Zero Omega
Hey I wanted to know are all gaia gold generators fake?


okay i was right....my bro...he got it bad....he lost 19 million is there anyway you can help me get his gold back?

have him file a hack report at http://www.gaiaonline.com/hacking
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If someone hasn't said it already, make VH and Rally like it was before please? ;-; With making our own rooms... ><'

If many people have said it before, does that mean don't do it wink

I'll be making adjustments to those spaces soon after housing for towns 2 is done.
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        Hi, um... out of curiosity, I wanted to know what sort of coding program Gaia uses.
        For like, the RPers who have the really fancy coded layouts?
        Just curious about that program...

It's all just BBCode. They are very creative with how they use it. xd
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Proletariat Porno

I have two questions.
Bloodlust within the zOMG instance has a glitch popularly called the "g glitch" because she follows right on top of anyone who has her aggro, such as someone continually pressing the g-key in game. Is this in the plans to be fixed? As well as the fact that none of her bats show up in som instances?

Next. I there any plans to release a 10 dollar EI soon?

^ this times a gazillion. *pushes tip button hard*

PM me with more details on this. I can add it to my glitch list of things that need looking into for zOMG! biggrin
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Hello everyone!

Valentine's day is coming! Is anyone excited for that?
I never had a valentine but I always love the holiday [:

Also if I could ask,
Is the Rally and Virtual Hollywood combining with no choice of server a permanent change? I guess I just was more fond of the way it was before the change.

I'll be revisiting the question of the servers in rally, Hollywood, and towns as soon as housing is done. We have some ideas for improvement, but my head is so full of housing code, that I can't think about that yet.

while (towns2.housing==false)

Don't you love it when your head is swimming in code. User Image
~King Awesome
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I appreciate Carbon's effort in fixing the issue I and others were having with the Daily Chance.

I'm also looking forward to the 10th anniversary and hope there's something in the works.

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