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the community has struck. i can remember it being in the 50,000's and more.
Most of those users were bots. Thankfully, they have been taken care of.
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Supreme Yogurt Ninja
Gimme Enviro links and I'll make avis emotion_awesome

But really, when are we going to learn who Peyo's father is D<
shh you'll spoil the valentine's day event surprise for this year!
As if, they should have done something last year
They always surprise us when we least expect it. XD
I guess you would be correct in that it would be a surprise to go back to original story plot of the NPCs....
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Necron 420
Necron 420
What do admins do with spare time?
They probably have hot girlfriends.
Even the female ones? :0
LOL no, the ones like Pan & Lanzer.
lanzer gets all the ladies.
That's it for this week's ATA! Thank you for sharing 2012 with us, and look forward to more events, more prizes, and more fun stuff in 2013! Codemonkey is working his money butt off on improving Towns 2, so hang tight and we'll be sure to resolve your complaints. Have a great week everyone!
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Actually, just talked with the dev responsible for this, and he says that armageddon happens on the centermost region that has a portal. So, if want an advantage during armageddon and you have a bunch of units with defender, then you'll want to own the center region right before armageddon happens.

For HoC devs:
- How is the region for final battle selected?
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I don't think that's one of the title options.

You don't get to be an old fart unless you can talk about the time when you would play with the dinosaurs that used to roam around.

pikachus munchlax
OK so, I have played different games like this before, and a handfull of them have like monthly admins from the community who get benefits and stuff. I dont really care about the benefits, but I have been playing gaia for around 5 years or so, and I think it would be neat to have some form of community "leaders".
I've been around for nine years
Does that mean I get a title?

I think it means you get a old person diaper.
I am quite the old fart
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Yeah! When are we getting commemorative items for the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo and the Gadsden Purchase!?!?!!?!?!?

Black Death Goddess
Will we be getting any Histoical period themed RIGS?
Erogenous Jones

Sorry I'm late to this, especially because I really wanted to ask about the new Drop Rates fro the Packs in HoC.
I've kept extremely careful track of everything I've got from Packs of every level up to Sapphire, and have found the Drop Rates to be worse than awful since the recent Update.

From 20 Sapphire Packs, I got exactly one Rare Card and nothing else of note.
20 Sapphire Packs equates to 600,000 Gold spent for one Card because let's face it, by the time you can access Sapphire Packs, its pretty much assured that you already have large quantities of every 1 and 2 Star Card.

Personally, this has pretty much killed HoC for me because it makes me feel like I have virtually no chance of ever getting the Cards I want and need to fill out my Deck, or that I would have to spend untold millions in Gold and enormous hours if I were to try.

Can you tell us what the Drop Rate percentages are on the Packs for each Level so we have at least some idea of what we're up against?

Would you consider imprving the Drop Rates a bit?

A lot of people (probably the majority really), don't play HoC for hours upon hours every day, and tailoring the Drop Rates to address those who do is just going to freeze the average player out and potentially make other games more appealing.

I hear you. We've been reading the feedback in the HoC forum and we know many players are unhappy about the recent update. We'll take that under advisement and see if there's a way to make things work re: better pack payouts, but I can't promise that it will happen. The reason we made the change was to help support the game's longevity, so it wouldn't help to reverse it.

Re: drop rate percentages. All I can say is a pack that costs twice as much Essence should give you more than twice the probability of getting a rare or better.

It's definitely not our intention to freeze the average player out. The marketplace when released should help the situation out. We're also working on a way to enhance your units via runes. The pack probabilities also improve every 10 levels so that should help some.

Hang in there!

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