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Hanging around!
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A few questions about Heralds of Chaos:

How far away is the marketplace or at least a basic trading system so people can trade 3, 4 and 5 star cards for other cards and/or Essence?
(It can look crappy as long as it works!)

Any thoughts about rewards as motivation for placing high on the leaderboards?
(on that note, leaderboards are broken again. It freezes every time the month changes over. razz )

And finally are Iona's Elite Reserves ever returning to the shop for Essence?
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- How long before I can search the HoC forum?

For HoC devs:
- How is the region for final battle selected?
- Rough roadmap: what can we expect and when and such?
- Why not display the odds on packs?

; D
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I'm mostly here to skulk about. Maybe poke Sisky and feed her healthy treats! That's if Carl doesn't try to assault me!
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Did you know that Downvoting Threads is a form of Bullying?
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Please!! do not downvote my thread!! please please.

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Then you'll be happy to know we have an opt out option in our patch rotation that will probably go out later this week. It will allow you to choose whether you want to allow voting on your topic when you create it. It will NOT have any affect on existing threads and once a user creates a thread with voting enabled, they will not be able to disable it.
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Will there be any prize and joy updates this quarter.

Or soon?
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happy new year everyone!

i not thought of any resolutions this year, and well, the big bcs game is starting. go alabama! biggrin

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When will the next HoC card update be? And when will the new Herald/Hero status swap take effect?
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Yeah, we will have a whole new page for the campaigns. The campaigns rely on some of the tutorial features (i.e., dialogs and such), so we wanted to get the tutorial ironed out first.

Fire Opal is still involved a bit -- with bugs and suggestions and such -- but the day to day is Gaia now.

Thanks for the recent HoC updates.

I have been loving the new campaigns. How is effort going on getting campaigns into the actual game. Will it just be testing from the daily update thread mainly for a while?

Is fire opal games involved in the ongoing updates of the game, or were they just used in the main development of the game? Aka does updates and such still rely on Fire Opal or is it pretty much only on gaias side now?

Thank you Pan and Grace for being here ^_^
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I love HoC and was lucky enough to be in the first batch of beta users
However, I'm getting slightly irked at the cards found in the packs to boots your army. I just bought a gold pack an hour or two ago and got all cards that could be summoned in the first or second round of play with basically no skills or HP. I know it's a chance pack, but I haven't really once gotten a good card from these packs, not even a rare card.
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Hey everyone, I was wondering when/what month alchemy changes will be made towards Gaia Online? I know that there was an announcement to Gaia saying that there was going to be "big changes" to alchemy, so I've been waiting, and waiting to see what they are!

I honestly am very excited to see them, and can't wait. So I was just wondering how soon will they be released?
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Can we get recolored cross stitch shop items?
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Question about Booty Grab
Is it okay to use mules to continue playing once you've gotten to the 150k cap? (Assuming you then put all the gold on your main account)
I always thought that it wasn't, I think it was even mentioned in the dev alert when the cap was implemented that it would flag you as a bot. But I sometimes see people saying they do it, once even a mod, so I'm a little confused and I'd just like some clarification.
I mean, what's the point of a cap if you can use a mule to ignore it?

We don't really encourage the use of mules to do this because we put the cap in to prevent Booty Grab generating a ton of gold without completely nerfing it. If we do find you engaging in activity that we believe is bot-like we will investigate it.
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Um pretty much working on getting a job this year. I had an interview, so waiting to hear back from it. Business is kind of moving, so it's bearing on that.

1) Has the bout of illnesses passed Gaia HQ now?

2) Any update on zOMG! bug fixes?

3) Could we get a check mark or something to delete multiple comments from profiles kind of like how the private message deletion works?
Hello everyone! Happy New Year!

Glad to see everyone again after filling my tummy with sushi. biggrin It's finally 2013, where the world continues after the Mayan calendar expires, where we brave the fiscal cliff even though we have no idea what it really does, and best of all we get to celebrate the 10th year anniversary of Gaia.

What are your new year's resolutions for this year? Here at Gaia we've written down everyone's resolutions on our chalkboard wall, and I can see that it's going to be a fun year as some of us have "master dragon punch" and "fly a chopper" as their goals for 2013. biggrin

Thank you for being a part of Gaia on 2012, and let's begin another great year of fun!
Hi everyone sorry for not being around for ask the admin lately.I wanted to know if the bug removal sticky in the computer and tech main forum will ever be replaced by one of the newer and more updated ones that about 2 people in the computer and tech forum work on.each there own topic a bit differnt then the other.

I asked this question last week but no one said any thing.

I also have one more question this time around i found out we only have 1 site mod in the computer and tech forum now any plans to add more mods to that list.

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