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Hello patient and hardworking Gaia staffers,

How are you dealing with the plastic bag ban?
Everyone has their reusable shopping bags now? I had to dig mine out of storage when the ban went into effect here in Alameda Co. It was surreal. emotion_0A0

I'm waiting for Gaia to come up with cute baggus with Kiki and Coco designs biggrin

Our plastic bag ban has been in effect since January of last year. I always carry around reusable bags but then OF COURSE... 50% of the time I forget and leave them in the car. At least the supermarket we do most of our shopping in still uses bags for those times I forget.
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Necron 420
What do admins do with spare time?
They probably have hot girlfriends.
Even the female ones? :0
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All right. Here it is again!

May we please someday get (even knock-off versions of) Phineas and Ferb items? I know you guys rely on sponsorships, and I have no idea what it would entail to get a Disney sponsorship, but would knock-offs / tribute items get around copyright, or is it just a different agreement of copyright as made between Gaia and the sponsor? I ask because I LOVE Phineas and Ferb, as does my partner; it may be childish but it's funny, and I think there's a lot of potential in P&F items to be had. Heck, if there was ever a P&F RIG, I'd buy lots. It's just that awesome.

Just an example of it's awesomeness:

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Which is quite frankly bs
It's bad enough I can't get any of the games to work with Firefox and can't half the time with Chrome
And yes, I've cleared the cache.

before 30 you are in the learners brackets....no need to get the cards to crush learners too badly. After 30....welcome to shark water classified_reve

Chrome I have found to be the most stable personally. Though thats still usually multiple refreshes per game.
I shall destroy all >D
I'm angry, I was one VP away from beating NIghtmare and my game farted out and froze D;
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Hi All!
There was talk of changing the puzzles for the Jigsaw game. Any news there?

What other games besides HoC are coming to Gaia, soon?

Thank you!

Changes to existing games have been put on hold for a bit while we focus work on Towns 2.

Thanks for the heads up, Uncle Kenny. Interested to see what the new puzzles and games will end up being. Will keep an eye out for the final version of Towns 2 you guys have been working so hard to complete.
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Seems my questions were skipped.. Or my notifications aren't working. sad

Don't fret.

There are a lot of questions being asked!

I asked on page 6, and he only JUST NOT got to it!


Be patient!

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

Well my notifications are working. razz

Thanks, I'll hang in there, if anything I'll get the normal 'Its in the works' type answers anyway. XP
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Gimme Enviro links and I'll make avis emotion_awesome

But really, when are we going to learn who Peyo's father is D<
shh you'll spoil the valentine's day event surprise for this year!
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Zero Omega
Admins I have a question? Would it be possible to make a few new changes in the AMC forum.

The cartoons sub-forum could use a name change to cartoons instead of animation /cartoons and it ‘d be nice to get a suggestions forum or sticky for all the suggestion threads users make in the forum despite the rules saying not to.

Oh and zero ? Thanks for taking care of whatever was causing the reporting problem in the AMC forum, I haven’t had it happen again in there since.

Something we can think of doing. And I dunno what caused the reporting problems, but glad to see that they're fixed.

Yay and how are you?
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How many people work at gaia?
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Ra Ra Rumpleteaser
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Ra Ra Rumpleteaser
Hi there. I signed up for Toluna to earn Gaia Cash. I did the surveys and am now being spammed by them every day. How do I get the Gaia Cash I earned? I may have done it on this account or my other account. Thank you.

Have you tried contacting the offer provider to report the Gaia Cash as having not been granted?

How do I do that?

Just click the "Support" link in the upper right-hand corner of the "Earn Gaia Cash > Complete Offers" page
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Beloved Ice Cream Bar
Hi, I've been highly active in this guild for more than 5 years, in fact. I don't necessarily have much to complain. It's just that I'm having difficulty understanding the time set on this website. I can understand that this website his from another city, hence why the time is different compared to mine. The main reason is that every time I post something in the forums, the time I made that post was 3 to 4 hours ahead of the time stated above my post(just below the username, in case your wondering). Is there a way you can possibly have this programmed so that it can tell the time from each time zone a user is located in?

If you go into Account Settings, there should be an option for changing your time zone. It defaults to GMT-8 (US West Coast) because that's where we are. 3nodding

Just wondering, i know its "Ask the Admin" but ive been doing my best to answer some of the questions that you dont to be an admin to figure out, is that ok or no?
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Gimme Enviro links and I'll make avis emotion_awesome

But really, when are we going to learn who Peyo's father is D<
shh you'll spoil the valentine's day event surprise for this year!
As if, they should have done something last year
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You wish you were a Grandma like me. I've got less than a month for my 9 year

I really do, In the future when I go back in time...Im getting my halo.

Nice. I did a big(ish-kinda) giveaway for my 8th...you got big plans too?
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I was just curious to ask about old mule accounts. Like say I left gaia for a while, and like... came back and only remember main account pw. Is it possible to get the old account without the old email working? >":

You can always talk to one of our moderators for help. We can track by your IP address too if you can provide anything related to the account name or email. Your old posts or your join date can also help point to where your old account is.
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I think the Guilds needs a total remake over.

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