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What art style do you like the best?

Anime 0.57308970099668 57.3% [ 345 ]
Realistic 0.068106312292359 6.8% [ 41 ]
Romanticism 0.099667774086379 10.0% [ 60 ]
Abstract 0.056478405315615 5.6% [ 34 ]
Other 0.20265780730897 20.3% [ 122 ]
Total Votes:[ 602 ]
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First banner made by ME! Brushes belong to celestial-star.net heart
Banners kindly made by Torialin~! heart Pictures done by her cousin.

The "ALL HAIL PRETTY BOYS" banner is made by MensaKitty. GO VISIT HER SHOP! X3

.::NOTICE::. --September 18, 2008
-Senior year is here, and while the second half is pretty much easy, I have to get through college apps, first. So I apologize, but once again, I must slow down the flow, but not to worry! As always, you will get your commission! Thank you and sorry.

August 1, 2007
-SUMMER IS HERE. But I have extra classes because my mom's Asian. DX So...I'll be SLIGHTLY faster, but don't expect it immediately. ^^; LET THEM ORDERS COME. ...please? xD And y'all have a good summer now~ (No, I'm not from the south ninja )

I've also added a QUESTING/SELLING section you can pay with items and such. Happy shopping~ heart

Welcome to my art shop. 3nodding Below are the list of rules/details you will need to order a [scanned] sketch.

ALL COLORED PICTURES ARE AN EXTRA 300g! So that means if you choose a full-bodied person, no background, and detailed clothes to be colored, then it's 600g.

AS OF NOW, 2 PEOPLE HAS AN EXTRA CHARGE OF 200g. MORE THAN 2 PEOPLE, EACH PERSON IS AN EXTRA 300g (keep in mind, this means several people ON ONE PICTURE, not three separate pictures, etc.)


Full body can be fanart, OC's, etc. (Avi art has a separate section xd ) If you say OC but do not specify as to WHICH or WHAT OC, then I'll draw you an OC of my own. If you want your own OC, then you have to specify and provide me with a picture. Thanks.

[Example A]
[Example B]
[Example C]
[Example D]
[Example E]
[Example F]

Eternal Hime

If you can't see it, right click + view image or view here: www.bladeofloki.deviantart.com

1. A full-bodied person, no background, non-detailed clothes--1100g
2. A full-bodied person, no background, detailed clothes--1200g
3. A full-bodied person, background, non-detailed clothes--1300g
4. A full-bodied person, background, detailed clothes--1500g

[Ok from now on, B = background, NB = no background, ND = non-detailed, and D = detailed]

5. Bust or not full-bodied picture, NB, ND--700g
6. Bust or not full-bodied picture, NB, D--800g
7. Bust or not full-bodied picture, B, ND--1000g
8. Bust or not full-bodied picture, B, D--1100g
9. Avatar art, full-bodied, NB--1000g
10. Avatar art, full-bodied, B--1200g
11. Avatar art, bust or not full-bodied, NB--800g
12. Avatar art, bust or not full-bodied, B--1000g
13. Chibi, B, D--750
14. Chibi, NB, D--700
15. Chibi, NB, ND--600
16. Banner, no picture -- 300g
17. Banner, w/ picture -- 500g

1. Muscled men. crying I'm sorry, but I suck at drawing buff men...
2. Animals--it's not that I WON'T draw them, I just suck at it. They don't come out realistical, so you can ask me to draw them too so long as you don't want them realistcal looking >_> Anthro's fine though [i.e. cat ears]
3. Mechas. I'll draw futuristic looking body parts [sort of like auto mail XD] but I can't draw mecha.
4. Hentai, porn, etc. That's just...ugh. But tasteful nudity I will [i.e. someone hiding behind a leaf or something xd ]

...that's all I can think of right now. >_> If I can't draw something that you ask me, I'll let you know.



Size: Full-bodied
Avatar Art: No
Chibi: No
Number of People: 1
Detailed: No
Background: Yes
Colored: Yes


User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
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-NO Spamming
-Please be at least semi-literate
-BE PATIENT; no whining/complaining/flaming
-Follow Gaia ToS

WARNING: I BECOME EXTREMELY IRRITATED WHEN RUSHED. Do NOT send me PMs saying "When are you going to be done?" "are you done yet?" "checking status" constantly. I work slower when rushed. Plus, if you do this, then I'm sticking your order to the bottom of the pile and you're going to get it last.

New rules will be added as needed.
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heart = In progress
question = unsure; has not verified whether they want the art or not
4laugh / whee = finished!

Torialin - 4 :: whee
Tai Takumi - 3 :: 4laugh
Freestyle Inc. :: whee
Pink of Darkness :: 4laugh
xXLunar RainbowXx - 2 :: whee
Narim - 3 :: 4laugh
Sasomi - 4 :: whee
Icarus 2.0 :: 4laugh
~VincentValentine~ FF7 :: whee
OneWorthyofLove :: 4laugh
Yasuo Kobayashi :: whee
AyakaBoa :: 4laugh
Cartagia :: whee
Zattebayo - 3 :: 4laugh
L `ARC`EN`CIEL - 2 :: whee
AznWhiteSpot :: 4laugh
Eternal Hime :: whee
Kross2099 :: 4laugh
Balmung_Azure :: whee
WillTehGeek :: 4laugh
Eternal Destruction :: whee
x Hikaru Storm x :: 4laugh
ShippoFoxFire :: whee
Ashlynn Black - 40 :: 4laugh
KasiasDragon :: whee
Gothika283 :: 4laugh
Blaeza_Fire :: whee
Serkunet :: 4laugh
NightWiseRose :: whee
Yumi~Suzuki :: 4laugh
redheadedgoth :: whee
Mr.Miss :: 4laugh
Kaleta :: whee
Hermione-Samara Potter :: whee
Jisushika :: 4laugh
hot chick989 :: whee
Ronin Ninja Gemini :: 4laugh
SharpieGirl :: whee
Whalehunter :: 4laugh
Spydey :: whee
haku_002 :: 4laugh
Inuyasha_Manga :: whee
Schevia :: 4laugh
johnnismo2 :: whee
poproxes :: 4laugh
SinxMuffin - 2 :: whee
KittyKat62 :: 4laugh


Cattytonks: question
Fiery Desires: full-bodied person, colored, no bg, detailed :: AWAITING PAYMENT!
Byakko no Sonikku: Avi art, full-body, NB, color :: PAID! heart
Silver Kiss~121: Full-bodied OC, D, NB, not colored :: PAID! heart
MysticFox: Full-bodied avi art, ND, NB, colored :: PAID! heart
Serkunet: Full-bodied OC, D, B, colored :: PAID! heart
Cartagia: Full-bodied OC, D, B, colored :: PAID! heart
Rosie~ro~ro: Full-bodied, D, B, colored :: PAID! heart
Haruko-chan: 2 full-bodied avis, NB, D, colored (2) :: PAID! heart
Demon_Bikou_Gyokou: Full-bodied, NB, D, colored :: PAID! heart
Kyo_Akabane: Full-bodied avi art, 2 ppl, no BG, colored :: AWAITING PAYMENT!
theevilshortchibi: Full-bodied avi art, no BG, colored :: PAID! heart
[ The Silent Angel ]: Full-bodied avi art, BG, colored :: PAID! heart
Ashlynn Black: Various arts (4) :: PAID! heart
TheSquirrelsRWatching: Full-bodied avi art, no BG, colored, 3 people :: PAID! heart
aquaknight: Full-bodied avi art, no BG, colored :: PAID! heart
x-Shadow Swordsman-x: Full-bodied avi art, no BG, colored :: AWAITING PAYMENT!
SinxMuffin: Full-bodied avi art, no BG, colored :: AWAITING PAYMENT!
Suitopi: Full-bodied OC/CC art, BG, colored, detailed, 2 people :: PAID! heart
xxx neko vampire xxx: Full-bodied avi art, 2 people, NB, colored :: PAID! heart
moonlight_blackrose: Full-bodied, 2 people, BG, colored :: PAID! heart
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My buttons are from Stock Xchng. AznWhiteSpot's is his own.

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User Image

User Image

User Image

User Image

User Image AznWhiteSpot's art!

User Image Torialin's shop! heart

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show. So amazing! heart

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show. She's great. heart _ heart

User Image
Another great talent!
heart You have been bumped! heart

-Dark Halo
-Winter Rose
-Fox Tail
-Kiki Kitty
-Black Net Top
-Black Strapless Bra
-Lunar Cloak
-Dark Star
-Phoenix Circlet


-Various inks
-Various trash

If you don't have the money, you can exchange items for art, or numerous pieces of art so it about equals the price. Or you can just donate heart
Because I just heart your style, I shall bump you occassionally and comment on your art!

-Totally anime-esque... I should know, I'm of Japanese/Chinese descent
-Heads and bodies are awesomely scaled
-Try to shade the eye a bit more... a nice value scale will TOTALLY work
When I get enough gold (I just spent it all on my vending liscence) I'll be sure to order one...! heart heart 4laugh Until then, I'll just bump your thread endlessly 'cause you really seem like one of those persons who rocks. domokun BUMP domokun Hope you don't mind!
heart heart BUMP heart heart Why must vending liscences be sooo expensive? Geebus.... XD Mind if I add you to friends? I need to view your thread when I have enough gold....
30 GOLD! A MIRACLE! sweatdrop domokun BUMP domokun 4laugh
By all means, add me to friends! I don't mind at all. heart Thanks for bumping~! 4laugh

Yes, those licenses ARE expensive aren't they....;_; [I shall await your order XD]
exclaim BUMP[eth] exclaim 32 Gold... woohoo!
can I get A full-bodied person, background, detaile clothes--600g but can I get 2 people?
Yeah I know.... I'm a sorta newbie Gaian who has RETURNED after a huuugge lapse of AFKness.... xD arrow BUMP My order will come as soon as possible[th]!

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