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I thought your range of subjects and media was impressive. You have some really lovely portrait work in your Angelina Jolie piece--it shows a good sense of economy. I also really enjoyed the graphic quality of your koi and goldfish drawings--plus your shading and texture on a lot of what I take are graphite works is really nice. I think the snake in the sakura tree was one of my favorites smile
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Wow! That's really amazing!
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Some of your earlier works seem slightly out of proportion but <3 the rest, especially fox.. whee
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I like your art, but I really like how your gallery shows improvement over time. I think that you are very talented and to truly peruse that field of profession. Very nice work,
Wow. It was from sucky to awesome. Great job. I could see the progression of your works. Your rendering and anatomy has improved. Keep it up! Keep on working on the hands, btw. Other than that, osom work.
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You have a very versatile style, which is good for someone looking into going into an art career. However, try to take a lot of time and look for inspiration, to further the development of you pieces.
I love your style!!
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Oooh...I have to say, your artwork is very nice!

You can tell from your older drawings that you really were into it, and over time they kept getting better and better. This is where a lot of people who can draw better than most, but not "amazing" fail to think about the future and what happens when you continue to practice. I can say I'm guilty of that myself.

Keep up the awesome work! Very well done indeed. 3nodding
Traditional media is hard to prefect, ESPECIALLY pen, so I defiantly have to give you props there! Your digital coloring though, is coming along nicely... the only possible thing I could say is to work on anatomy and backgrounds (pretty much the basics) but,as I look into your latest works, I see that you have already been working on that and are really developing into your own style. Long story short, keep up the good work!

Best of luck,

I think you need a better understanding of the human anatomy. You have so much potential, but you need to either take a life drawing class or look up references for the human figure and practice more. This will also help with value and shading.

But otherwise, your doing a fabulous job.

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