i'm 20 now and im back and Godly as ever.

Ninja Profile:

Name: Frost the XIII
Age: 16 years old
Birth: Feb.5th.1990
Village: Snow
Parents: Unknown.
Summary: Parents killed when fleeing away from ANBU. A Clone jutsu was made to take Frost to a different village far far away from Konoha. Clone dissappeard and Frost was left alone but then adopted by Haru the Village of Snow Cheif. Bloodline of the Hyuuga/Uchiha clan. But still can't realease the Sharakuugan. Enjoys life to the fullest. Being stupid even in fights. Tall he is but kidish he is at the same time. Some say he has a body of an Adult but a mind of a 2 year old.Practices more of Taijutsu and bit a Ninjutsu. Controls the element of Ice and water.


Ice Element ;shimo no doragon tosshin no jutsu -Frost Dragon Rush no jutsu: Summons Ice coverd Dragon out of Chakra and is able to go within a 50m Radius. Able to attack the enemy from either side. Hard to block but blockable if possible. Slef taught

Ice element;13 shimo no tsurugi no jutsu- 13 Frost Swords: 13 swords appear made from frozen chakara. It targets the enemy and homes if the enemy runs. User must be in 20m radius or the Jutsu will fail.

Ice element:koori kuron no jutsu- Ice clones : Makes ice clones of self.

Ice element;21 koori noyari no justu- 21 Ice spears: 21 long frozen spears appear made from chakra and able to attack enemy at any direction. able to penetrate defence.

Ice Release: Black Dragon Outburst Snowstorm/Hyōton: Kokuryūbō Fūsetsu-This jutsu creates an icy black dragon with red eyes that is shot towards the opponent. Doto has an improved version that creates two black dragons that attack the enemy by creating a freezing tornado.

Ice Release: Piercing Dragon Fierce Tiger Hyōton: Haryū Mōko,This jutsu creates a large tiger out of nearby ice. Because it's so cold, it can freeze nearby water while attacking its target. It resembles an ice version of Water Release: Water Dragon Blast Technique.

Ice Release: Wolf Fang Avalanche Technique/Hyōton: Rōga Nadare no Jutsu-This jutsu creates an avalanche of snow wolves that run towards the opponent, biting and crushing their foe.

Eight Trigrams Sixty-Four Palms-Hakke Rokujūyon Shō:This jutsu closes off sixty-four specific chakra points on an opponent's body, effectively eliminating their ability to use chakra for quite some time and making it quite difficult for them to move. It begins with two heavy strikes, followed by four more, then eight, then sixteen, then thirty-two, and then sixty-four strikes. Each set of strikes is done at an increasing pace.

Eight Trigrams One Hundred Twenty-Eight Palms-Hakke Hyaku Nijūhachi Shō:This jutsu is essentially a doubled version of Eight Trigrams Sixty-Four Palms. Like the former, it closes off the opponent's chakra points. Unlike the former, it closes off twice as many (12 cool at twice the speed. Alternatively, it can be used to hit a great number of targets very quickly.

Eight Trigrams Three-Hundred-Sixty-One Style-Hakke Sanbyaku Rokujūichi Shiki:This jutsu is considered the most powerful technique within the Hyuga clan, and is generally used as a last resort. When using this technique, the speed of the user is comparable to that of the Reverse Lotus. This jutsu allows the user to strike all 361 chakra points of the opponent, paralyzing them with each blow and instantly killing them upon the final hit

Water Element; Water Dragon Blast (Suiton Suiryuudan no Jutsu):Creates a large dragon shape formed from a large amount of spinning water. The dragon form is sent towards your opponent for a powerful attack. This jutsu can only be performed when near a large body of water.

Water Element; Explosion Skill (Suiton Daibakufu no Jutsu):Sends a large spinning pillar of water towards the opponent. Can only be performed when near a moderately large water source, and uses a large amount of chakra. It's a devastating jutsu.


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Frost maaaan, it's been ages since I've seen you in ninja school rp. Really "cool" to see you again wink
Almost Brutal

Report | 03/15/2012 6:38 pm

Almost Brutal

I started to lose interest quickly a while ago, work and study are killing me. But y'know, RL > Gaia. c:

Well calm down Mr Creative! Sounds like you've been up to a lot. Better than spending majority of your time on here, I suppose.

Bawhawhaw, smooth moves, mister. Haha, I have MSN is that's of any consolation? AlmostBrutal@hotmail.com
If you miss me, that is.

Almost Brutal

Report | 03/07/2012 7:14 pm

Almost Brutal

You don't get on often, do you?
That's fine though cos neither do I.

What have you been up to, gotta be something to be keeping you this busy?
Almost Brutal

Report | 02/18/2012 8:57 pm

Almost Brutal

YOU! mad
History with Insanity

Report | 01/13/2012 12:28 pm

History with Insanity

Haha. I was just happy to see that one!
I never usually go look but was eh why not.
You're really good. Keep it up!
History with Insanity

Report | 01/13/2012 12:25 pm

History with Insanity

Decided to check out your art. First thing I saw was an Arctic Fox! <3333
One of my favourite animals right there.

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I can't view your art so how could I ever beg for it.

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no ranran!~ lolol quote that to me at our shop.

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cool avi

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so do you ever read your profile?


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