I'm TWENTY YEARS OLD. Not fourteen. Or ten. 8D Thank you!
I'm female! Obviously. Although I've been mistaken for a boy on a few separate occasions..
I'm straight, and single, but not looking for online relationships. They're pointless.
I like comics...and anime...and books...and video games...and art...and tons of other s**t...
I'm a nerd. 8D But talk to me about technology or cars and you'll lose me pretty quickly.
I'm a veggiefag.
I'm a retard. 8D
Don't take anything I say seriously. If I'm trolling you or being a huge b***h, it's just for lol's. Doesn't mean I hate you or anything.
And that being said, I love everyone! 8D Hate is overrated. <3
I'm not an emofag. D:< Just saying.
If you're going to message me, at least try and use good grammar. It seriously bugs me..
And try and help keep the conversation going. It's hard when you don't contribute at all and then I have to resort to sending "Lol 8D". Not cool, bro.
I'm a grammar Nazi. And it pisses me off if you try and talk to me in "chat speak" and if you can't use correct spelling and punctuation. Please, you went to school for a reason.
I like tea. It's basically what I live off of.
I can guarantee, whatever you say to me, you will never be able to piss me off. I don't take anything on the internet seriously. It's the internet. You're all fags.
I'm not homophobic, sexist, racist, and any of that s**t.
I'm vulgar and curse like a sailor.
My mind is in the gutter 98.7% of the time. The other 2.3% is on food.
Gay men. 'Nuff said, bro.
I will be completely honest with you about everything. Even if that means telling you you're ugly fat a** with bad teeth.
And if you still wanna be friends, add me! 8D


My favorite people~

PrincessShaniquaJackson (or MajesticTruthDragon) is my girlfriend of almost two years! 8D
PrettyJinx (or xXKrecketXx) is my saucy toaster oven! ;D <3
PrettyReno is my fiance~ <3
Sayuri Yoko Grave is a new friend and I haven't figured out what she is yet~ xD


When the life gives you Bad Romance. Show everyone your PokerFace. When you have Nothing Else to Say, buy a Telephone, and call Alejandro. When you're kissing someone with Brown eyes, and realized that You Were born This Way. When you're Beautiful Dirty and Rich, and when you're playing LoveGames with someone Wonderful, When the Paparazzi's come in the room and trying to Video Phone you, Just Dance. If someone has left you Speechless, remember that you Like it Rough...


If you wanna get with me, there's some things you gotta know, I like my beats fast and my bass down low.

Everything I touch turns to stone. So wrap your arms around me, and leave me on my own.

I am an ocean, I am the sea, there is a world inside of me.

There is a Hell, believe me I've seen it. There is a Heaven, let's keep it a secret.

We built an empire and you took the throne. But you built it from bayonets and sat there alone.

I find it kind of funny, I find it kind of sad, that the dreams in which I'm dying are the best I've ever had.


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I was passing through wanted to say that I liked your profile page. heart
Just Some Girl420

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Just Some Girl420

can u give me any thing that cost a 100k or 200k that all

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Hey, friend! emotion_yatta

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thanks so much !!!
Colorful Dookie

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Colorful Dookie

Thank you hun!

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v--- LOL couldn't say it any better
Leader of the Penguins
Orgasmic Shadow

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Orgasmic Shadow

Well i can do many forms of art. The price depends on what youre wanting. But just imagine any form of Manga or Animation and i can see about pricing, that and if you want it in Color or Black n White.

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its ok