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Hmm... Do you agree Alice should have a prince? If so, who should it be?
yes i do but not any one from former movies!!!
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Ehh I think that would depend on which Alice... The one in the original story I think should have one for sure.
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A friend of mine drew up a nice character design for a Prince of Hearts... But he was mostly just frivolous and fabulous.
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it depends on wich aliceinwonderland and my opion it should be chesire cat_mrgreen
Hmm... Do you agree Alice should have a prince? If so, who should it be?
i think the the bunny would change into a prince
Hmm... Do you agree Alice should have a prince? If so, who should it be?

YES!!! It should be hatter.. heart
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I think having a prince would ruin Alice's free spirit. And she's only suppose to be like, what, 10?

I say no to a prince!
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The Knave of Hearts would make a cute boy character and I could see the White Rabbit turning into a boy.

But I don't like the idea of a "prince" or any other romantic interest for Alice- I feel like the whole point is that she's a little girl and Wonderland is an innocent place for her.
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No, a prince wouldn't fit in with wonderland at all. Unless he was just as ridiculous as all the other characters, but an actual love interest is a terrible idea.
i think that would be cool! dramallama but i think u should make up ur own prince not one thats from former movies and games...
i think there should be a prine
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I'd say it would have to be between the Cheshire Cat or the White Rabbit if we are talking about the Disney version.
Hmm... Do you agree Alice should have a prince? If so, who should it be?

I think it would be nice that Alice should stay as a child in the story and not be involved with princes-but it would be interesting if, after she wakes up from her dream she continues to go to wonderland and soon meets a prince her age who is also very pompous and arrogant like the queen- i wonder how Alice would react? If it was the Alice in Lewis Caroll's book, she would most likely be polite but get vexed soon. in the book, she said words with courage that even the queen was silenced,although she also feared for her life and didn't dare question about the many executions. Still, in the second book, "Through the looking glass',she met the white knight. Maybe that can serve as a prince. sweatdrop

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