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The rules of this room are simple, but highly enforced. I require elegance and eloquence. No dirty dancing, speech, or actions. This is a role play, so move about and be descriptive!

Posts will please have proper grammar to the best of your abilities. Sophisticated fun and humor are encouraged! And again, welcome to the Moonlight Dance. Let the evening begin...
-sprints into the room, bursting through the double doors, dragging his instrument behind him- O-oh! Toxic! Tell me I'm not late!
~smiles softly, looking up from her barely touched glass of champagne, eyes flicking about the empty room before setting her vision on him~ Edward! Good evening! No, I'm afraid no one is here yet but us. Please, have a seat.

~snaps her fingers, alerting one of the waiters who are lounging in a group in the corner~ More champagne, please, for this fellow. He is a very important guest.
-laughs anxiously, his adrenaline still flowing like crazy, carefully propping his cello against a table, edging away slowly before gratefully accepting the champagne, nodding to the waiter-

Thank you, sir... -fixes his eyes on Toxic, a smirk just barely gracing his lips-

My, my, dear... You've grown considerably since our last meeting... -sets the champagne on the table beside them, taking her hands in his, waiting for her to rise before he takes one of her hands to his lips, kissing the back of her hand softly, eyes locked with hers-
He was raceing across the room. Giveing drinks to those who had asked for them. He didn't expect the place to be so crowded already. He sighed and wished he could dance with all the other guests.
-walks in quietly, my shoes making very little noise on the floor- Very pretty.. -looks around the room-
He saw Toxiccandy enter the room and he quickly rushed over to her and bowed.
"Good evening. Greetings and Welcomeing. How may I help you madame?"
~blushes, waiting for the waiter to return to his niche, being sure to wait until the others resumed their conversation before looking back at Edward, voice lowering~ Well, you haven't seen me since I was, what, just 11 short years old? You've been gone a long time... ~smiles sadly, reaching up to take a lock of his blonde hair in between her fingers, unable to stop a soft laugh from bubbling from her lips~ And when did this -Oh!

~looks around, realizing that more guests had tricked in~ I need to go! ~smiles softly at Edward again~ It was lovely seeing you again...
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-sneaks in to ballroom-
"god i hope i dont get noticed yet..."
she muttered to herself as she
skirted along the ballroom walls
"now whered i leave my dress it was in a red bag..."
-blushes brightly- Someone to talk to would be lovely. I've never been to a party before.. -looks down in embarrassment-
-walks in- Hello everyone, how are you this fine evening?
xFame M o n s t e r
-sneaks in to ballroom-
"god i hope i dont get noticed yet..."
she muttered to herself as she
skirted along the ballroom walls
"now whered i leave my dress it was in a red bag..."

~hurries through the crowd, cutting behind people and tables to sidle against the wall, successfully evading waiters and not-quite-as-successfully evading a young lady with bright pink hair~

O-oh! I'm terribly sorry!
"I'm sure it would and not to worry." He smiled. "Sadly I'm abit busy at the moment, but I'm sure there is someone you can talk too" He glanced over at xFame.
"Were are you going madame!?" He called "The dance floor is the other way!"
                                  -Wanders in curiously, her eyes dancing
                                  over each individual- Hmmm -She twirled
                                  once and looked down at her clothes that
                                  draped her small figure- This just won`t do
                                  now will it. -She puffed out her cheeks in
                                  frustration as she looked over all the elegant
-sits at a table, idly tracing my finger around the rim of a champagne glass-

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