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*brushes debris off hair* Hiii 4laugh
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Indigo Oblivion

User ImageLet the music move you...

Indi turns to Ou La La "Wow, you clean up well young man!". She looks for any remainder of sludge, and finds none.

... dance to the beat. User Image


I'd be flattered but I do not know of zees 'sludge' zat you sayz of 4laugh
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Not sure what to drink? Tired of cream soda and root beer floats?
How about new Joy flavoured soda! It tastes like getting that new poodle skirt, or going to the drive in with your friends! With all it's sugary goodness and fun colours nothing beats the summer heat then a tall glass of Joy!
Indigo Oblivion
this looks fun but now i feel like my dress is a bit low cut sweatdrop

User ImageLet the music move you...

"Just a bit deary? Aw well, I guess it can't be helped. It is of a nice fabric though!" She manages a small smile at the indecent dress.

Indi waltzes over to hey_L, "What a peculiar name. Are you... one of those girls?"
"My my, I am getting some peculiar people today!"

... dance to the beat. User Image

No No of course not Ma'm. It stands for Linglo.
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Caity-Chan - love your family there! ^__^

Thanks! Do you know anything about dressing for the '50s?
YAY! just posting for money

I think this is fun!
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Moshi-kun wants root beer!!(Yes,Moshi-kun is weird)

Oo..I'd love some too heart

here you go!
*Moshi-kun hands root beer*

User ImageLet the music move you...

Indi proceeds to deliver all the requested refreshements.

Indi turns back to Linglo, "Well, that sounds... much better." She smiles and walks toward Serenity.

"Serenity darling, I love your spirit, but could you keep the volume down just a bit? Thank you."

... dance to the beat. User Image
DevilsLady skips in and flicks her hair back as she looks around. A light smirk graces her face, and she heads up to check out the jukebox, looking for a good party song...
*runs around in a circle* Where's the potty?
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Hmm... Blueberry would be a good soda flavor...
This looks like it will be very entertaining. =B
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A mint chocolate toffe Shake,please.

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