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Are you here to give or recieve?

give 0.054285714285714 5.4% [ 19 ]
recieve 0.41142857142857 41.1% [ 144 ]
both 0.53428571428571 53.4% [ 187 ]
Total Votes:[ 350 ]
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Hi there.
Hello everyone
one gift given

Zero goten crying crying crying
Hey thanks for the gift I feel special.
come on

One gift given

Zero gotton crying crying crying crying
should I give away my oh-so-very-precious junk?
Hi guys! I don't have a whole lot *is questing for one of every shop item xD* but if I have multiples (which I know I do) I'll give them to people ^^

I'd be happy with anything anyone gives me ^^
come on

One gift given

Zero gotton crying crying crying crying
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i love gifts don't care what i get
Quantum The Happy Gifting Elf Is Here!!!

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Awesome! I'm collecting flashlights so that's one more down.
Somebody, not saying who, guessed right about me giving them a gift. blaugh
I was in another gift giving thread (over a 1000 pages there) and someone sent me some nasty anonymous notes (through the gift giving thing) that I was no longer welcome in that thread since I was too cheap. I gave my last items away (gloves, wine shoes, flashlight, doctor hat, a bouquet and even a mask) but this wasn't good enough.

Was I wrong to give so little?

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