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The Founding Leader of the Clan GSG9

Name: Martin
Sex: Male
DOB: May 3,1996
Favorite Food: Chinese Food
Favorite Games: Call of Duty Series

Leader of GSG9 a powerful and still growing clan in Call of Duty!
Made in 2008 in Call of Duty World at War after resigning out of another
clan ( SG'S ) Now He owns one of the most powerful clans in Black Ops
for the PS3.
This Gaian account was made to kill time after the PSN crashed in April 21, 2011. The clan is 64 members strong and still growing.

PSN Gamertag: Sentinel-Steel
Favorite Weapon: Enfield, G36c, Mp5
Hates: Noobs and Retards and Posers

GSG9 Founding Leader

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Birthday: 05/03

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Ke Huevaa Report | 09/01/2011 8:36 pm
Ke Huevaa
supppppppppp dudeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee lmaooo
Dioshirou Report | 06/11/2011 9:28 pm
dude do you have my ps3 gamertag in your request pending list
ZzVenomzzZ Report | 05/14/2011 8:45 pm
if you guys have a ps3 feel free to add me on ps3 once it comes back hahaha cool
Twix Candie Report | 05/14/2011 8:30 pm
Twix Candie
Thx for adding me as a friend =]

GSG9 Trophies

  • Lawn Gnome Clipper[122]
  • Pink Flamingo Fighter[125]
  • Air Fluff Deflater[131]
  • Garlic Picker[134]
  • Skeeter Squasher[137]
  • Laceback Bootsnake Skinner[140]
  • OMG That Hurt[143]
  • Cherry Fluff Victor[149]
  • Taiko Drum Banger[152]
  • Kokeshi Doll Trickster[158]
  • Kokeshi Doll Reveler[159]
  • Outlaw Pup Blaster[167]
  • Buzz Saw Splitter[170]
  • Buzz Saw Cutter[171]
  • Buzz Saw Slasher[172]
  • Gnoman's Land[222]
  • Close the Barn Door![223]
  • Durem Blockade[224]
  • Desert Island[227]
  • I Can Almost Touch the Stars[229]
  • Hallowed Ground[246]
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