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Emo-RoXas: The introduction.

Morning. The worst time of the day. It is the beginning of either an adventure, or another day of torture. The first thing that happens to you usually gives you a clue how your day will go.
Roxas fell flat on his face, because his feet were still tangled up in his blankets.
Yep. Today would probably be ****.

Roxas struggled on the ground, kicking off his blankets. He then rose, rubbing his head. With a sigh, he dragged himself to the bathroom, of course, tripping on the bath mat, falling face first into the tub. He took off his clothes when he regained conciseness, he then threw it on the ground and took a long, hot shower. And guess what? No more towels.

He put on his Roxas Twilight Town outfit still soaking wet, and went to work on his hair. It was pretty cool, but instead of using his normal shampoo, he must have used his mother's black hair dye.
"OH NOES!" He yelled, after letting out a girlish streak.
He slapped his head, but continued on changing his hair into Roxas hair from Kingdom Hearts.

When he was finally done, he glanced at the clock. He let out his first swear in his life.
He clasped a hand over his mouth.
"Shucks..." He mumbled from under his hand.
His day was going REALLY bad. Hopefully, it would change when he got to his new school. That was IF he ever got to the school.

He ran outside, only to have his mother shout from the doorway,
"Gabriel! You forgot your lunch!" She shouted, holding a paper bag.
Roxas tripped and fell again.
"Aw, mom!" He groaned running back to get it.
When he was FINALLY all ready, he sprinted to the bus stop, just missing the bus. He cursed again, letting out another 'oh shucks' afterwards. He ran to school, hoping he could make it early, if only he could run fast enough.

As the young boy ran, thoughts dug through his head, making it hurt. Thoughts about his past and what would happen to him in the future. He remembered the horrible choice he had made that one day, and the pain he was paying for it now…

Roxas came to a painful stop, his foot digging into a crack in the sidewalk, sending him flying into the pavement.
"Ah...owwww..." He groaned, then getting to he knees to catch his breath.
After he finally could breath without fearing he wasn't intaking enough oxygen...

Roxas came completely to his feet, brushing off his checkered Kingdom Hearts sweater. He fixed his hair, making sure the gel was holding throughout his two billion mishaps. Though he did mistakenly dye his hair black, he was already getting used to the gothic feel of people's stares burning into the back of his head.

The sixteen year old accident prone to the school doors, not caring about first impressions. He was always very peppy, jumping and skipping about like he had no cares. Most girls never tried to get a date with him, thinking he didn't even like girls. Sure he liked guys a little, but he LOVED girls.

Roxas pushed through the school doors and turned his skip into a casual Roxas walk, taking in his surroundings. He looked about, brushing his hand against the lockers as he passed them by. Finally, he got to 47, his locker. Of course, he had his combo memorized, but that's not what was wrong. He was used to his old locker, all broken and rusty.

-One good tug and it will open- he thought, as he firmly gripped his locker handle with both hands.
BANG! Roxas went flying onto the ground again. Blood dripping from his nose, he remember he was at a new school, and he didn't have to tug that hard to open a locker. He stood up, and fell against a locker door, dizzy from the impact.

---- Fade out.

Hello everyone, and happy Christmas to all! This year, please try not to be greedy and only think about presents. We must all remember that Christmas means family, and it's a time to give, not get. Though, logically, in order to give, someone would have to get... anyways...
Here's a quick update about myself: Though I'm not that guyish around my close ones, around my friends, I'm a complete guy. I still wish I was... they have the lucky parts of life.
I'm going into University for Law and Philosophy when I get out of this idiotic school... and I actually might get to move to the city next year, if I'm lucky. It's not that I want to leave my parents, it's only because I don't want to deal with my old school any longer. Maybe I can start new, where the rumors won't haunt me...
Yes, I thought the same thing when I got to highschool, but of course, some of my old enemies were going to the same school. So they spread rumors about my insanity, how I talked to things that weren't there, how I had spent a week in the hospital, and may be contagious.
Well... yes, I talked to voices. Hey, I had no other friends, and at least it kept me semi-sane. Yes, I spent a week in the hospital for almost starving myself to death, but that was because every time I ate, I felt like I was going to die. They said it was mono. It was actually Colitis, those undereducated idiots.
I'm writing my biography soon anyways, so whatever. Bye.


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Super happy awesome journal.

Sorry if I sound like an idiot... I'm always hyper when I post.



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