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Without them,ill be naked...


About me...

▓About Me...

┼I'm Mark.Just call me that.
┼I'm 1_ years old.
┼I am a Junior.
┼I live in Philippines.
┼Proud Philippine RCY member (Philippine Red Cross Youth) We attended 2 days of leadership training!
┼I seconded on a Health & Nutrition Quiz Bee in our school xd i didn't know since what i know my scores in each rounds are low.
┼COCC trainee
┼I'm friendly.
┼I am trustworthy on SOME things.
┼Just don't mess up with me.
┼I am fun.^^
┼I am dramatic.DEAL WITH IT. ninja
┼I'm not that cool,but you will like me in personal.^^
┼I want to have friends.
┼Do not take advantage of me,i don't like it and you WILL regret doing it.
┼First '03 item i got on gaia:Nitemare scarf.This became my quest.I got it on April 6,2011.

52% Crazy
47% Weird

The remaining 1%?Judge me what trait is that. whee

My friends on gaia?There's alot..As i said i am friendly.^^
One example is Johnny.I met him 2 years ago.I can't really remember how we mat but he said I was randomly adding people at towns,then he added me.That's how it started.We talked about each other,so on and so forth.Then we became best friends.^^ IDK if im missing a part of this story,but that's basically how. biggrin

My gaian summary:
when i first joined up on gaia which is on April 28,2008,i was alone.srsly.no one likes to talk to me.everyone is like scream on me.....i learned basic vending,but i didn't liked it later on,since i don't see any hardwork in there.everyday,i just roam around,in towns,in virtual holleywood,or any world on gaia.i often played zomg too.2009 is here,just a regular for me in gaia.i play zomg,towns,rally,etc. and i learned exchanging...somehow a friend of mine introduced it to me but i forgot his/her name sweatdrop ...then....(Refer to top) after that....im here...basically doing money for myself by exchanging.....i became less greedy now because i don't do vending and i discourage it.but some people are just too greedy they don't know the feeling of how it is to be ditched.I can't forget my friends.They helped me urge to continue gaia and earn more money.Although this isn't real world,but i can feel the generosity of my friends just like irl.So if i someday decided to quit,i'll return the favor and give them the items they gave to me or more than the worth of it.I know this is only pixel items,but it's filled with my hardwork and time on gaia,so i value them.

Although my other friends quit already.I am sad,but i can't do anything about it.

Well i hoped you enjoy my about me.That's basically me,you've got to know me to know the others.

Items i won/donated to me recently:
User Image
Golden laurels-April 1,2011
So i won this in a dice contest in exchange.There was a man quitting so he decided to make the prizes easier to get.When i came in,i rolled,and i won the prize on my 1st roll.The lucky number was "7".I was like OMG that time,because i rarely win in a dice contest.This was my 1st biggest prize in a dice contest.
Proof c:

User Image
146k gold-April 6,2011
This random guy donated to me 146k to help in my 1mil recovery quest.Thanks to him!^^
I have more trades to show like the donations,but first ill need to track them down.


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Darkmonk Report | 07/28/2017 11:52 pm
Where are you jerk?!
Hopeful-Wish Report | 04/03/2017 8:31 am
yup. your name is not in vain anymore. lol
Hopeful-Wish Report | 01/10/2017 12:58 am
Hhahaha xd Takk, norsken din er ganske bra den også smile Sorry, I was on my 30h long flight from South Korea and home to Norway after studying abroad... hahah xD was dead tired
Darkmonk Report | 01/08/2017 4:26 pm
Then get back in gaia and start Merching MAN! If you have to have me you'll have to provide for me! muhahaha!!
Hopeful-Wish Report | 01/06/2017 9:13 pm
Wow, really? Hahhaa, Nittedal. THat tiny place x)) Well, I know a lot of people migrate to Norway, especially people from Philippines and Thailand, and lately people from middle east smile
Darkmonk Report | 01/06/2017 12:51 pm
LOL sure~ Just make sure you have a complete set first then show it to me so I can give you the gold razz or I'll just buy it for you~
Darkmonk Report | 01/05/2017 1:34 am
search them up~ and quest for it~ teehee~ good luck~! xD
Hopeful-Wish Report | 01/04/2017 10:51 pm
Yeah, it was... a bit of an experience. or rather a culture shock x)
Yeah, I'm from Norway xDD
Hopeful-Wish Report | 01/04/2017 10:44 pm
was damn tiring. But so nice to just do s**t and pass --> grades are not transferred only credits. SO I could party a lot and give a little bit more ********.. but it was sooo much more homework and tests compared to Norway though.
Hopeful-Wish Report | 01/04/2017 10:31 pm
Hhaha, I guess that works too? It's just I'm in the midst of packing... 3 last days in South Korea after an exchange semester here x))


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Art Freebie by Feuilles.
Thanks to all who drawed me 4laugh it served as a great gift on my gaiaversary.


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This is Johnny.I consider him as my bestfriend.

This is sun.I consider her as a friend.

This is zOMG Philip.Ya,I got my "zomg" on my name from him.Although,idk what happened to him.

This is nextjune.I consider her as my friend also.

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