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I crave human contact,
But I'm very shy.

Most of the time, I don't like people.
Maybe I'll like you, though~


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Yaureki-san Report | 07/15/2011 11:33 pm
at least you get to pick out your ride XD
well i kinda did too lol i got a red pontiac (i don't like the color but i can always change it later razz )
oh no i don't think they're dumb tattoos at all.. i think that if you get a tattoo, then they should mean something to you
not just cause it looked cool... that one is the one you'll end up regretting lol
your tattoos sound a little nerdy X3 i like that, i think it's cute in an innocent way whee
at least your parents approve of you getting a tattoo lol mine are kinda wanting to accept the fact that i'm a bit more on the "out there" side but they just don't want me to get anything like skulls or gory stuff (which i adore D smile
i just got a tattoo on my knuckles and yes it hurt for the first half but then it got numb lol
i'm hiding it from my parents for now
to tell you the truth, i wasn't much of a tattoo fan till i met my boyfriend so now i want a sleeve XD
lol don't worry about righting so much, that just tells me that you're a great person to talk to wink
Baka ChibiBerri Report | 07/15/2011 4:37 pm
Oh yeah haha sorry forgot about most of the people i bought stuff cause with on a shopping spree once my avi gotten 3 days old, but anyways no prob heart
Baka ChibiBerri Report | 07/15/2011 9:37 am
no prob! Wait what did i buy again?
Father Frog Report | 07/15/2011 8:01 am
ohhhhhh hahahahaha biggrin in that case, I agree! hahaha
Ninja Marshmallow8669 Report | 07/14/2011 9:33 pm
thanks and no problem
Yaureki-san Report | 07/14/2011 7:33 pm
wow, you're life seems to be going great biggrin
well i graduated high school this year and now i wanna lay off school for a year
i don't have a job cause i need to fix my car first and that might take serious money
i've been with my bf for 2 years and i've lived with him for a year and a half.... he works so that's where i get my money from XD
by the way, tomorrow i'm getting a tattoo
do you like tattoos?
Father Frog Report | 07/14/2011 5:26 pm
np smile and hahaha I didn't think so biggrin I made it when I was in like 7th grade cx
Yaureki-san Report | 07/14/2011 5:38 am
lol so how have you been? smile
Yaureki-san Report | 07/13/2011 3:15 pm
that's cool smile
lol naw the scar i have looks more like a pimple and i can't cover it that well XP
i must of met you a long time ago cause i haven't really gone in jigsaw in a long time XD
i love puzzles too but they don't give very much gold so i stick to zomg
Yaureki-san Report | 07/12/2011 11:17 pm
yea lol i know what you mean... i got on here because i didn't have many friends (i was a loner crying ) then 3 years in i realized that my social skills were going down the drain but i didn't stop getting on gaia, instead i got on other chat sites and started meeting people in real life XD
they told me that they didn't leave scars like the bars so i got dermals but i have a scar so they lied D:
lol don't worry about it, i don't know where we met either >.>
i play zomg a lot so that might be were XD or in jigsaw razz


Gender confused
little monster
running away with
her distorted sense
of reality~


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