Even I'm stupid sometimes. But I KNOW I didn't screw up when I went to be with Hailey Nourse. She's the love of my life. No matter what happened between us I still love her for who she is and that's hwo it'll always be I don't care what people say anymore. They can say I'm a dumbass (its true) I just want to be with Hailey. Not my fault she got me to fall for her so fast and hard<3 After the 6 months that we've been through They have been the best of my life and i wouldnt trade them for anything. I don't care if she doesnt show she loves me. I know that she does and that's all htat matters, What happens between us, the hurt, mistakes and everything doesnt matter as long as we just remember we still love each other and want to be with each other. But she doesnt believe it when I say it. I love Hailey. I'm sorry i cant write a lot now i gotta go to schoool in like one min. I'll write more later. D:.