The coastline stretches as far as time itself... The wind meets my face ever so softly as my footprints are left in the sand... Trench coat billowing in the breeze, I pull my Sword out of its sheath. The Sword is a Sword of the ancient realm of Theyeron, my homeland; its blade is six feet in length, its Hilt is Pure Onyx and its Blade is finest titanium. Sharp as the moon to night's darkness, it was instilled with a sage's blessing eons ago. And now I stand here; gazing at the Sword. Such a wondrous weapon is entrusted only to the highest of caliber of warrior; and now it has been entrusted to me. My name is Zenblend; I was born to a happy couple in the fields of Theyeron, whom although had not the riches of the world to give me, had the knowledge of the ancient sage to teach me. On my fourth birthday, I began my lessons in the way of the Triundi sages; the race that wrought the fires of the sun and the touch of the storm-clouds; the race that beheld the strength of the cosmos and rather then conquer its might, humbled themselves to its teachings. Day by day, their hearts would explore the mysteries of the galaxy and of time itself, while their earthly bodies would sit, ever content, under the Liden tree. Thus they became among the wisest of men. Under these same teachings I was trained.

Time, moons, years, and souls passed; their remaining shadows leaving only memories upon the earth's face. Dipping as a needle in water; stirring it, changing for awhile its being, then just as soon as it came, it leaves; and all returns to the way it was. Unknown, known, exalted, mourned and forgotten; such is the fate of all.
This was the fate the Triundi sought to alter; to reach out somehow, and cling to the world of the living. To not be forgotten. So it was, three hundred years after their origin, the search for immortality began. Could it be done? Men said no, Lore said no, their minds however, were not to be disdained so easily; beginning in the mountains they sought the key to their prize; at first depriving the want of food, sleep and fellowship, they waited. Waited for a thought, waited for a sign, waited for an answer. For six months they waited; but man is not to deprive his self of life in order to preserve it. Their task would not be completed so easily.
Finally, in the deserts of Mansciot, while meditating in the midday sun, a monk by the name of Alisan Jothra found in his mind, a revelation of magnanimous proportions.
In his searching of thought, he felt a voice call from the wisps of time. A voice unlike any he had heard, and yet familiar. Alisan was greatly perplexed but did not end his trance; instead, he waited and listened. seven hours passed and still he did not move. He was determined to meet this stranger that seemed to know him somehow; he knew this was a voice from a time that was not his own.
Finally, as the eighth hour came, the voice called out to him by name. Startled, he nearly opened his eyes, but resumed his concentration before he broke himself away. The voice was that of an old man; raspy and hard, but also knowledgeable and kind. It asked him of his well-being, if he was hungry and if he had shelter. Alisan answered each truthfully; for indeed, he hungered greatly and had no to place rest his head, save for the desert floor. The kind old man, encouraged Alisan to not give into the faltering of his body; for he would help him. Alisan thanked the man for considering his wants, and asked the man of his own condition. Chuckling, the old man assured him that he was not in any need of food nor rest; for he no longer took the form of one who had need of such things. Alisan suddenly realized that this was no man of the future, but of the past. And not only that, he was no time traveler; here speaking to him was an immortal being. The Triundi were correct; it could be achieved. Eagerly, Alisan inquired of the man the plight that had led him to this great accomplishment. But the man seemed more concerned about the fact that the lad had gone without food and water for more than two days. He reminded Alisan of the great truth that one cannot deprive himself of life in order to preserve it. Acknowledging the man's wisdom, Alisan consented to share a meal with him, if only he were to reveal himself in human form. The old man agreed to Alisan's request and told him to have his eyes remain shut for yet another minute.

Hi, how are you? I'm Zenblend, and I turn 22 on Jan 27th.


I think I'll add some more stuff, here.

Let's see, I haven't really changed any of this, since I first put it up (Originally, it said (and I turn 17 on Jan 27th), oh, Gaia, how thou hast consumed me.

Really, though, I've had fun; things are crazy different, now--When I first joined, Fishing had just come out; anyone else remember hunting for the Bass'kin lake "Monster"?--man, oh, man, (commas!) it's been a while.

I don't know what's up with that silly RP up-top ways, I made up that story, years ago, but I've never gotten around to finishing it; too many things to think of, and too many other people doing similar (Or Silmarillion) things.

Hoo-hah, Jhulie, do you still have my Performance Rod PLUS?
I so need it (in addition to all my other PLUS Rods).

For my records: 4775757


Time for more stuff.
Right, I clearly have so little to do right now, that I've come back to update my silly profile.

Something about Gaia makes me still love it; no matter how many Goons and /b/tards poke fun at me.

Time for another addition! 09/12/09 8:59pm
I'm getting old now. I'm still in school; but it's not as tedious as it used to be. Lalala, I spent $100 on Gaia cash this year. :8 But hey, it's been fun!


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chico malo__LOTHARIO

hes from the LD and everyone there has a ******** up life so maybe he isnt all there in the head
you could be secretly attractive, you can show me if u want if u dont want to idc
do you go to college
chico malo__LOTHARIO

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chico malo__LOTHARIO

yeah the ed is an aspie fest
this s**t had me laughing tho:

Your best option is to encourage him to test his idea, document the resulting legal action, and follow it all up with a "Told ya so" card sent to his cell.

how come you dont use a sigpic of urself
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chico malo__LOTHARIO

oh so your an oldbie
do you really like discussing in the gd or are you just there to make fun of dumb people
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chico malo__LOTHARIO

oh ok
what forums do you mainly post on
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do you know who i am
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where are you, dear?

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a quick doodle for you, excuse the crappyness~!

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Thank you for giving me the remaining ingredients I needed for one of my Halloween recipes. <3
Fox Slipper

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Fox Slipper

It was nice to see someone with a verbal response to my paranormal experience. heart
I've told very few people my opinion of things...and I'm pretty sure they think I'm a lunatic. xD
I always thought I had a pretty fair outlook though.