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Flocks is an animation student based in Plymouth, England.
You can find me hopping between GCD/AT/SF and my Art shop thread!

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Kotton Belle Report | 03/12/2017 6:44 pm
lmao right???? idk how to handle the price hikes but you could certainly make some easy gold doing a chibi or a few over there!! (and as always i would be more than happy to fund you for art lol)

UGH, yeah, i think the reason i didn't play kindred past the original event and release was bc of the grinding. i just know that i still have leafkit hanging off my avatar and need to level it up lol.

also, what do you think of the item don't speak?? it's one i was thinking of sending to you (i've currently got the short dress equipped on this avatar bc it looks cool). let me know if it suits your needs~~
Kotton Belle Report | 03/12/2017 9:31 am
HAH, yes, i really thought your wishlist had to be out of date. idk if i have much that will suit you, but i'll definitely check!! also there's no need to worry about me - i've been buying things on the mp if i suddenly come across them and they're in my price range lol. stuff is so expensive now OTL

still always on the lookout for art, though. i keep meaning to sell even more and open another thread to buy art again!! you know, if literally anyone is selling art for gold instead of RL commissions now. <.<

can you play kindred with other people?? that'd be fun if that was the case.

ANYWAYYYY, it's kind of 3:30am and i gotta sleep OTL i will speak to you later!! i just. really need rest apparently. oops. <33333333
Kotton Belle Report | 03/12/2017 9:20 am
slkjdlskas no don't send it baaaack!! make a new coord using two or something lol. i still have way too many items, got about 7k to sell off... so i'd rather gift a few at least. I WISH I COULD GIFT MORE THOUGH. are you up to date with items on your wishlist or can i throw a few things at you i think you'd like?? (not that i have that many new things oops)

ALSO TY I LOVE IT <33333333 i can't believe i got rid of this so long ago, it's such a cute item and i'm not tossing it again.

i need to play a bit more of lake kindred etc!! i only really played for the first event. looking forward to zomg coming back though~ *w*
Kotton Belle Report | 03/12/2017 8:57 am
whoops, looks like you already had one of those. oh well!!
Kotton Belle Report | 03/12/2017 8:50 am
i sort of checked back in a few weeks ago and i've been here since!! i don't do much, just hang around and sell a few things and make avatars, but i might be getting back into it!

any distraction from real life is a good thing. :> how are youuuuu??
Kotton Belle Report | 03/12/2017 7:59 am

and it was my faaaavourite *w* hi flocksy, how are youuuuuuu <33333333333333
Antiq Report | 11/24/2016 10:09 am
Thank you Flocksy! heart
Kotton Belle Report | 09/26/2014 7:57 pm
UGHHHHHHH. Danny's last name, Mahealani, even means 'full moon' in Hawaiian. And they got rid of him. But it stands to reason - he was a PoC, and apparently they introduced two new baby characters who are idk the youngest year at school whatever that is in America, and one of them becomes Scott's beta and the other - if I'm right - is black AND gay. So you know. Jeff Davis can't POSSIBLY have more than one minority at once on his show, and he's shown he's only comfortable with gay men, sooooooo. He's ticked all his boxes with this one character I GUESS. SIGH. (Also, the actors interviewed about the LGBT thing? THEY DIDN'T EVEN INTERVIEW AN ACTOR WHO WAS PLAYING AN LGBT ROLE.)

I saw someone say on tumblr one day that they couldn't wait for the show to end and all the actors a few years down the line when they're asked about their time on the show will just look uncomfortable and be like 'well, you know, if was a job' and I want that. <.<

Also, cuuuuuute!! That Moschino show was completely ridiculous and I liked it. So very Barbie. I love that the accessories even matched. <333333 She's got some super pretty photos up too~~~~
Kotton Belle Report | 09/26/2014 9:44 am
Urgh I know she's so pretty and simple and delicate!!! But I just don't know what to call her. It's tempting to just call her Soo Joo Park, but I'm not particularly knowledgeable in Korean yet and I'd hate to take a name that's too well-known or make up a name that doesn't make sense or something.

tbh I haven't watched Teen Wolf since... the episode last season where they think Stiles has what his mother had and he gets MRIs done at the hospital? (Had a few people 'correct' me on tumblr the other day, bc I mentioned I hadn't watched from there bc of his mother and supposedly Stiles himself having something like cancer and they were like 'noooo it's frontotemporal dementia'. Nope, f*ck off, I know it wasn't cancer but it doesn't change the fact that the symptoms were similar and that's more than enough to link the two for me to be comfortable.) ANYWAY yeah I haven't watched it since then. I'm glad Braeden's back since I thought she was a one-off character who was dead and gone after showing up to save Isaac then get clawed by Deucalion...

idk if I will ever watch Teen Wolf again if I'm honest. Too many things were just handled too badly for me. There was an interview done asking the cast what they thought of the LGBT representation in TW and they were all optimistic about it and it was ridiculous. I am all in favour of the show being discontinued and the actors being moved en masse to a newer better supernatural show, or at the very least each of them finding project where they're appreciated and their talents are recognised and fostered, not just Dylan's.

WOW I SOUND BITTER. More cheer pls. Liiiiiike idk. Stuff. It's nearly 3:00 a.m. and I probably shouldn't be awake.
Kotton Belle Report | 09/26/2014 6:33 am
Speaking of names, what would you call this baby? I got her art and everything but I haven't really even come up with a story and idk.


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