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Birthday: 03/03



My name is Lucinda and i love lots of things inclueding you im pretty random and yah and i get attached to ppl rlly easily so yah and umm i forgot oh yah im 19yrs old mrgreen

Cut to the chase, Come get a taste
I'll tell a bxtch straight to the face

Jet black diamond hair, People stare, I don't careWanna taste? Sure I'll share, Gotta be big, I'll take you thereGlammed up, FabulousLooking hot, DangerousSo vicious, DeliciousI got you fxcking like it's fitness

Money, Bitches, Sex and fame, I'll teach you how to end this game

DGAF baby!!!

I forgive you for the truthI liked you better when you liedAnd I forgive you for being you'Cause you were better when you faked every smileAnd now you're knocking on my front doorThat's what I've been living forExcuse me as I laugh my a** offI forgive you for your waysNow that that I finally got away

You got me feeling legendary
I'm like a soldier
Fighting for a dream
You got me feeling legendary
I'm on the front lines
Racing my heartbeat
And it's going fast faster, faster faster
Faster than before
And it's going faster faster, faster faster
What are you waiting for,
Oh can't you hear it?