What do you want? Who're you and how'd you find this?

Well since you're here I might as well say something.
I'm Zaiden, Zaiden Zaki to be exact. I'm currently 18 years old and I'm in the midst of getting a degree for Video Game Art & Animation. My dream is to be a senior animator for SquareEnix and one day I will get there. I draw anime and focus mostly on males and young children. I like doing chibi's as well.

I'm an easy person to be friends with but I don't approach others so quickly. So chat with me, decide if you like me and then we'll talk about a friendship. I don't do online dating so don't bother asking and I certainly won't buddy you if I don't know you or haven't spoken much with you.


[x] Taco Bell
[x] Sweets
[x] Spicy Food
[x] Skateboarding
[x] Rollerblading
[x] Graffiti (Guerilla Art)
[x] Hockey (Go Boston Bruins)
[x] Drawing
[x] The color Green
[x] Metal Gear Solid Series
[x] Anime -
      * NANA
      * Air Gear
      * Naruto
      * Bleach
      * Aishiteruze Baby
      * Ouran Host Club
      * Gilgamesh
      * Little Snow Fairy Sugar
      * Anime Yokocho
      * Asatte no Houkou
      * Ashita no Nadja
      * Aka-chan to Boku
      * Avenger
      * Bokura ga Ita
      * Capeta
      * Cardcaptor Sakura
      * Cat Soup
      * Chii's Sweet Home
      * Crayon Shin-chan
      * Cyborg 009
      * Daa Daa Daa
      * Daddy Long Legs
      * Death Note
      * Denno Coil
      * Digimon (Seasons 1, 2, 4)
      * Ergo Proxy
      * Escaflowne
      * Figure 17
      * Futakoi
      * Gakuen Alice
      * Gantz
      * Ghost Hound
      * Grave of the Fireflies
      * .Hack// Legend of the Twilight
      * Hamtaro =D
      * Hana Yori Dango
      * Hanada Shonen-shi
      * Hand Maid May
      * He Is My Master
      * Higarashi no Naku Koro ni
      * Hikaru no Go
      * I Love My Younger Sister
      * I My Me Strawberry Eggs
      * Jigoku Shoujo
      * Jungle wa Itsumo Hale no Guu
      * Kanon
      * Karin
      * Kiba
      * Kiki's Delivery Service
      * La Corda dOro
      * Lamune
      * Les Miserables - Shoujo Cosette
      * Love Hina
      * Loveless
      * Lucky Star
      * Manabi Straight
      * Moetan
      * Monster Rancher
      * My Neighbor Totoro
      * Nitaboh
      * Peach Girl
      * Peter Pan no Bouken
      * Princess Mononoke
      * Rurouni Kenshin
      * Saiyuki
      * Serial Experiments Lain
      * Shaman King
      * Spiral
      * Spirited Away
      * Star Ocean EX
      * Sugar Sugar Rune
      * Tales Of Symphonia OVA
      * Toki wo Kakeru Shoujo
      * Tsuabasa Chronicle
      * Uninhabited Planet Survive
      * Wolf's Rain
      * X/1999
      * Yobi the Five Tailed Fox
      * Yu-Gi-Oh
      * Zettai Shounen
      * Zombie Loan


[x] Loud/Obnoxious People
[x] People Who Act Like They Know Everything
[x] Steamed Veggies
[x] Medicine
[x] Seeing Animals In Pain
[x] When People Are Insensitive To Others' Feelings
[x] When People Shove Their Opinions In My Face & Insist They're Correct/Better
[x] The Color Yellow
[x] Messy Rooms/People
[x] Ditsy People (Wow, I just don't like people sweatdrop )
[x] People Who Think That Because They Don't Like Something, People Who Do Are Stupid
[x] Being Sick
[x] Cowards


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Zaiden's Roleplay Character Log

Well I love to roleplay and have many characters so what better place to keep track of them all than here?


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An Unforgiven Sin -Cazeo-

Report | 07/27/2010 6:55 pm

An Unforgiven Sin -Cazeo-

I ******** MISS YOU D<

Report | 08/20/2009 10:44 am


I have the cape. I will make the ******** whoosh noises. > neutral lol I dunno.

Love ya, kiddo! Gonna miss ya. Maybe I'll see you tomorrow. Maybe I'll help pack.

Report | 08/13/2009 11:02 pm


Gak! Hey! Only one person does the glomping around here razz



[i:8e3132f694]Skater? Street punk? Stir up a little trouble on the streets, graffiti up the place. Just try to avoid the coppers; Diary of a Skater

R.I.P. Bedlam my baby; I'll miss your antics and even your screeching...[/i:8e3132f694][/color:8e3132f694][/center:8e3132f694]