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hello =]
hola biggrin
Konichiwa~ :3

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thanks ^-^
muchas gracias ;D
Arigato gozaimashita~ ;3


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I'm a really old gaian. I love to always keep an eye on new items and stuff though. Also, I'm always up for good avatar art.
Add me if you like, but tell me who you are/why you want to be friends.

I don't feel boring, and I don't know anyone who would say I'm a boring person, but if I had to describe myself, I'd say I was a pretty boring person. *shrugs*

Oh, you can call me Skully/Skulleigh.
Formerly my usernames were
and II_Skully_II

If you haven't taken notice, I love all things skulled.

This is what i believe in

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