heeeeey (: thee namee is yvette !
uhmm well to start i amTAKEN ! <3(:
yoouhh know who u are <3 URR MY EVERYTHING <3
i walk thee halz of woodard jr. high ! (:
i bloww thee candles on marchh 21 (:
i lisstenn to music every day (: faveroite artist: lil wayne,lil cuete,lil tweety ,nikki minaj ,JUSTIN BIEBER,wizz khalifa,eminem,kerri hilson,drake....lmafo..... andd moree hahaa (:
things i cant live with out ! :
god (:
my bigg boobss haha (:
friendz (:
when a guy says your HOT
he's looking at ur body
when a guy says your PRETTY
he's looking at ur face
when a guy says ur BEAUTIFUL
he's looking at your heart
hahaa (: well i think thats enough about mee (: if youh whanna no moree message mee (: stalkers<3333 haaa well justt add mee (: so we can bee bestiess !
HMU <$
MAHHH HACKZ <3 LMAOOO tell mee if u wanna writee a hack (: and hmu !hoes out ;D

Hey this is Trey (Aka Daddeh) ;D hacking this hot girls proooo ;D! Man I love this girl..I can't even explain it. I would die for herrrrr!!! Shes so amazing and hot and funny <333. She can be very very sexy tooooo! ;DD Oh man I can go on for hours or days about how perfect she is and how amazing she is! Any guy would be lucky to have her and I'm so glad that guy is me <333! We have our differences sometimes but it helps us learn to love each other even more. <333 Guys shes mine so back off >_>
MINE!!!! >___> AND I DON'T SHARE EITHER!!!! But yea..I'm in love with this chick and I'm sticking too her like glue even if I annoy herrrr. <3333 I wanna marry this girl! :]@!@@#!~!!!

Hack frm mr_lokita _ xp
this girl is soo cool and funney one of my bestfriends on gaia and a funny person and im happpy to get a friend like her luv mr. lokita xD