Some random backstory on my avatar:Well, I entered a LOOOONG time ago with this avatar, but Gaia didn't think the "Headless" pose from Nightmare shouldn't be able to have face accessories...
I fixed that as best as possible, making my face extremely dark; it doesn't make me as happy though, I'm being OCD with the ear showing...and reentered it.
..."No Ears+Eyebrows" pose plox xD? And about me...
why do should you careAnd no; no rhyming descriptions of age little ***** ;D...Fine I'm 15~probably smarter mentally?
Well I'm Yoru, as should see: Only me, as I can be. I happen to be male, without the "Fe";not crooked, but straight - "Escaping Reality!?" As if, if only it could be true. Not much can be done about that... as all is one like none is none.
Well anyway you get that I am a straight male, but on to things that can matter...
Yoru's quotes~: "'Scissors is OP+imba, Rock is well balanced'~Paper","Love me or hate me but you'll never change me","Why is Kuja the manliest Final Fantasy character?Well he has infinite balls and has to wear a metal bra to hold his muscles, obviously why.", and many more.
Yoru is in~: LA,North LA to be exact
Yoru' is~: One huge nub troll.
I mean Yuyuko whore. ;D She is lyik awn meh desktawp, meh mawse, meh bakgwound, meh icawn, meh brawsar, meh screensava, meh heart < 3 Yuyu
Yoru's website~: Is None-ya
Yoru's Skype~: Is also None-ya
Yoru's Favorite animes~: Includeds Bleach series , Narutardo series, Katekyo Hitman Reborn, Needless, Death Star, Touhou Anime Project, Gurren Lagann, Inyuasha, Rurouni Kenshin, Maplestory Anime, .Hack series, Air Gear, Lucky Star, Code Geass, Death Note, Sailor Moon?, Fullmetal Alchemist, and a whole bunch of others i'm not thinking of right now.
Yoru's Favorite movies~: What are movies?/ i hate all of them
Yoru's Favorite TV shows~: Most anime series, most adult swim shows, most comedy central shoes, most spike shows. If only SNI was TV too, SNI=Win Comedy; Blame Dex for only going youtube with it.
Yoru's Favorite Books~: Most Manga;only.Period.
Yoru's Favorite Music~: Dubstep, Touhou music, most Final Fantasy music, did I mention Touhou?, various songs, I tend to like most Square Enix songs, Techno songs, Techno-Rock songs, Mindless self indulgence?, Minecraft?, Old Linkin Park, AFI, Touhou, ZUN, video game music?, ect, ect
Yoru's hobbies~: Gaming, trolling, gaming, using the computer, stalking, music listening, eating, sleeping, TV watching, gaming in cars, texting, texting while driving, drinking, drink and dring, watching anime, saying my hobby is gaming, reading manga, playing mmo's, uknowut, youtube whoring, Yuyuko, playing touhou, pirating stuff thats free, pirating stuff, winning the game, making you lose the game, did I mention gaming?
Yoru's Games~: Ratchet and clank series, Jak and daxter series, sly cooper series, bad racing games, Kingdom Hearts series, Resistance, Infamous, Little Big Planet, Modcart Racing, Wipeout HD Fury, Dissidia, Final Fantasy[/c


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