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XXxunderworldxXX NICE TO MEET YOU!! NYA!! ^-^

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Gender: Female

Birthday: 03/01




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Michael Jacksons girl Report | 09/22/2013 4:57 pm
Michael Jacksons girl
Ghostreaperx14 Report | 06/19/2013 10:34 pm
ujuyu k ukuy uy kuy uutku kku ku kuy kyu k u kuyku kyu kukuku kku k stressed stressed stressed stressed stressed stressed stressed stressed stressed stressed
_emmaX3vallerie_ Report | 03/11/2012 5:26 am
testar uma coisa
Shakushi_z Report | 01/16/2011 1:58 pm
hola tanto tiempo, como as estado, yo estoy bien tranquilo, perdon por no responderte, ahora me conecto los donmingos, nos estamos vindo, ok
DarkHawksBR Report | 12/15/2010 11:39 am
oi como vc ta?
iWobbles Report | 11/30/2010 11:04 am
=o hii!
Shadow of Vengence Report | 11/30/2010 10:23 am
Shadow of Vengence
hai there.
u look alot less cloathed... ^.^
how are you?
DarkHawksBR Report | 11/26/2010 11:46 am
oi ^^
XKawaii_AnnieX Report | 10/17/2010 2:12 pm
Oooh... I have to clean up in a few ;w;
Dooei Report | 10/17/2010 2:10 pm
xD I 100% Agree.

gotcha...nya :3


Love is something that isn't forced You cant program a person to feel it for you It comes at random times To Random People It may happen at that one Ball Game, Detour, or internet Chat. No one knows why it happens No one knows when it will come It will just flood inside you its not that random spark you feel for some peoples its the genuine feeling, that you just know is love.

Love is.... Your touch on the small of my back Your smile The look in your eyes when you are about to cause trouble When you tell me my eyes are sparkly No if ands or buts Your support in my Faith Your support in my silliness Your support in me Remembering our first date Holding my hand The way you say my name The way you tease me When we wrestle Working together Playing together Laughing Crying Waking up to yor smile Snuggling When you hold me close Flirting Making me smile when I think of you Wanting you so much it hurts No matter what Forever Always

Love is the blazing fire of desire, Love is the trusted friendship. Love is the situation dire, Love is the biting n**. Love is the bright colors of passion, Love is the eager romance. Love is the style in fashion, Love is the intricate dance. Love is the painful jolt, Love is the lasting betrayal. Love is the door's final bolt, Love is the waiting for mail. Love is the taste of forbidden, Love is the strength to forgive. Love is the no longer hidden, Love is the gift to give. Love is the ability to let go, Love is the bitter sweet. Love is the coldness of snow, Love is the unexpected heat. Love is the meaning of life, Love is the base of all that is. Love is the stabbing of a knife, Love is the bubbly fizz. If all of these are the definition of love, What is the true one? Well, the answer is as plain as a shove, Just as simple as all of it is none.

Love is... Calling you just to hear your voice, even if it's just your voicemail... Love is... Waiting around all day, just to catch you and be by your side whenever I get the chance Love is... Wanting to put a smile on your face everyday and pretty much making it my mission Love is... Getting you to laugh, because it makes me smile to know you're happy Love is... That little smile I get when it's just us and I relax, because I never seem to be able to without you Love is... Not caring how many times you hurt me, Because it just doesn't matter... I'll always forgive you anyways Love is... Feeling like a b***h for making you upset when I say something stupid Love is... Always wanting to fix everything, even if I keep screwing up Love is... "Heeey Mr.Wonderful, oh you're so incredible, hey mr. wonderful wonderful to me, hey mr. wonderful ooo it's not impossible...." Love is... Promising that I'll prove it to you someday, somehow and keeping it... Love is... Saying you can come to me at any time of the day or night when you need someone and life just sucks... I'll never turn you down. Love is... Not caring what we're doing or where we are, just as long as we're having fun there and together Love is... Wishing I could be the one to pounce you awake in the mornings and somehow fit into your arms perfectly no matter which way you hold me.. Love is... "I willl waaaait for YooouuuUUUUU!!!!" Love is... Not being able to stay mad at you, I just can't, because I'd rather everything be alright again Love is... Getting you to blush, just because you hate it Love is... Telling you how amazing I think you are, just for being yourself Love is... Adoring you, even when we fight... Fights will happen.. Mistakes will happen and hurtful things will be said.. But later, everything falls back into place again and starts making sense. Love is... "I wanna go watch Aeon Flux" "Nuuu! D: *chains her down*" " Oh noes, what are you gonna do to me? ;p" "... >:3" Love is... Freaking out whenever you're gone too long, because I worry too much Love is... Turning down anyone who comes after me and smiling with only one thing to say "Sorry...My heart belongs to someone already" Love is... Wanting you to be happy, even if it's not with me Love is... Wishing it could be with me, but not worrying too much about it... Love is... "But it's my birthday :c" Love is... Accepting your faults and praising your gifts Love is... Trying to be there whenever you fall, just to try and catch you Love is... Realizing that we could never stop being close to eachother Love is... That little crush that grew way stronger and larger than you ever expected and being unable to let go Love is... Talking about nothing and making jokes out of silly things, just to make eachother giggle like idiots later Love is... "I'll protect you baby ;P" Love is... Not being afraid of being hurt... just of hurting you, even though it's inevitable sometimes and I'll always be sorry for it happening. Love is... The only thing worth living for, that has kept me from doing anything really, really stupid in my life so far. Love is... Always caring, no matter what Love is... Kissing you even when you're sick and not caring about catching it Love is... The way my eyes light up whenever I see you come back Love is... "Mom?!" Love is... Getting scared that I might be insane, because you're so wonderful, that I fear you could be unreal.. and that I'm just a nutcase who makes up fantasies to escape reality Love is... Just wanting to hear you talk sometimes, even if you have nothing much to say... Love is... "Boycandy wowed us all by winning the tournament!" Love is... Holding back sometimes, just because I don't want to overdo it... Love is... Waking up with a smile on my face, and it's your fault... Love is... Kicking myself everytime I do something stupid and end up pissing you off, even if I didn't mean to.. Love is... Wanting to build a time machine to spend every moment with you forever... and erasing all those stupid things I just mentioned Love is... Being exhausted sometimes, just because I want to make you see the truth in my feelings Love is... Wanting to run away so badly sometimes, but never letting it happen Love is... Complicated as ********. But worth it in the end. Love is... Definitely not painless and not always filled with pain Love is... Trusting you even when it looks like I don't, I do entirely... Love is... Staying up all day and all night with you, just to be in your presence and feeling content to be there Love is... Being a dork, just because it makes you laugh Love is... Thinking of you the second I wake up and the last seconds I'm conscious before sleep overtakes me Love is... Seeing that we got mad at something we didn't understand and got a little carried away with... and then talking it out Love is... Wanting to meet your family and leave a good impression Love is... When everything starts making sense and it just feels right Love is... Being willing to overlook myself, if only to make you feel better when you're down, even if I was upset about something already Love is... Wanting to take all your pain away Love is... Staying hopeful that someday you'll be with me Love is... Writing this list for you, just so I can get that smile on your face. Love is... "I'm so fat, All I do is eat!" Love is... A lot of things and this thing is getting loooong! Love is... The hardest thing to lose in the world Love is... The hardest thing to realize is lost sometimes Love is... "As you wish" Love is... Feeling as though I'm sedated by your affections Love is... Not wanting anyone else, but you Love is... Waiting all night for you to respond, and being so worried, that I couldn't sleep Love is... "I'd say I've been yours the whole time" Love is... Forever!

......I Love you .......I Love you ........I Love you ........I Love you ........I Love you .......I Love you ......I Love you .....I Love you ....I Love you ...I Love you ..I Love you .I Love you .I Love you .I Love you ..I Love you ...I Love you ....I Love you .....I Love you ......I Love you .......I Love you ........I Love you ........I Love you ........I Love you .......I Love you ......I Love you .....I Love you ....I Love you ...I Love you ..I Love you .I Love you .I Love you .I Love you ..I Love you ...I Love you ....I Love you .....I Love you ......I Love you .......I Love you ........I Love you ........I Love you ........I Love you .......I Love you ......I Love you .....I Love you ....I Love you ...I Love you ..I Love you .I Love you .I Love you .I Love you ..I Love you ...I Love you ....I Love you .....I Love you ......I Love you .......I Love you ........I Love you ........I Love you ........I Love you .......I Love you ......I Love you .....I Love you ....I Love you ...I Love you ..I Love you .I Love you .I Love you .I Love you ..I Love you ...I Love you ....I Love you .....I Love you ......I Love you .......I Love you ........I Love you ........I Love you ........I Love you .......I Love you

Face...when I have blush and cute!! ^^ When I am happy razz


Kiss me...because I love u heart

I never thought that life was only live...and death
If in the end we are always alone


lost in your eyes


COngrats you read it until the end!! ^^