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Gender: Female

Birthday: 11/12


Hola My Name Is Vanessa Excepτ Yall Cann Call Me Nessa Or Nequickk Well Some τhings About Me Are τhaτ Im A Fun Person I Guess. Mosτ of Da τime I Say Random Wierd And Admormal τhings τo Say And My Friends in Real Lifee Sooo Noe Me But Other Dan Daτ I Would Luvv τo Be Yurr Friend Buτ Buτ Buτ Me Likes Funnah Peepss Buτ Siτll Yu Can Be,,
~Short ~τiring ~A Compleτee Idioτ
~τall ~A Whale ~ A Cool
~Dull ~Rich ~Poor
~Borin' ~SpeτaculaR ~Popular
~Ugly ~A Prince ~A Dogg
~Preττah ~Caτ ~Annoyin,,
Or Just A Plain Wierdo! Maybe Even A Rat (lol)
Btw Enjoy Ma Profile..!
♥♥ N☼T3:I C♦N B3 ME♠N ☺☻

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_DontFeedZombies_ Report | 01/18/2011 11:17 am
No I dont remember!
And it's okay I totally forgot that you didn't comment back until now of course, haha(:
_DontFeedZombies_ Report | 12/14/2010 2:44 pm
No I haven't sad
I have been a lot of places but never NYC isn't that horrible.
_DontFeedZombies_ Report | 12/09/2010 5:40 pm
Ohh I know!! There so pretty!! I heard it was like New York, but better and I want to go to New York haha.
_DontFeedZombies_ Report | 12/07/2010 4:52 pm
Ohhh! I want to go to Japan too!! It would be so cool.
_DontFeedZombies_ Report | 12/06/2010 5:56 pm
Ahh I would love to go to Spain. That is like one place I would love to go in my life and France. How about you?
_DontFeedZombies_ Report | 12/05/2010 5:47 pm
Ohhhh yeahhhh! Really? where?
_DontFeedZombies_ Report | 12/05/2010 2:51 pm
wait what are we talking about again?
_DontFeedZombies_ Report | 12/05/2010 11:19 am
Haha. I know it's so funny. Wait you've been out of the country?
_DontFeedZombies_ Report | 12/03/2010 6:00 pm
Haha that's really say because I talk like that. Just think about it this way, if we go to a different country we are the ones with the accents and people might like our accents!
_DontFeedZombies_ Report | 12/01/2010 4:30 pm
Haha NOOO! To me they sound cool. I love accents. American accents are gay because I hear then all the time! Every single day.

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Muahaha >:]