you can't tell, but i REALLY want these items


Who else?

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Birthday: 03/01

All about Your Dork

Ello. This ish dorky speaking. I love talking to my friends and just hanging out. I love most sports. the sports I play are track, swimming, volley ball, and soccer <33
Don't like me? well, feelings are mutual. (really, I could careless what people think.) You like me? I love ya back!
Don't ask me to ever donate, if i feel that you are ACTUALLY in need of money, you'll know hwen i send you a trade ((plus i need money to buy people x-mas gifts and so on.))

I love
2.most music.
3. Cookies
4.Gettin silly (or hyper)
5.Dancing around, busting random moves
6.awesome Kodak moments
7.weird people ~we're not weird, we're just diffrent~
I hate
2.ppl who call others 'noob' (without a reason, sometimes it slips out) music razz
4.annoying people.
6. people who hate others for no reason.
7.awkward moments...they kill Dx
8.people being nervous ~i can be nervous, you can't~
Oh and I already know I'm
|_88____88888__888___88__88888______88888__88888___88888| |888_____8888__888________8888______8888___88888___88888| |8888_____888__888_________888______888_____8888____8888| |88888____88___888__________888____888_______88______88_| |_88888________888___________888__888________88______88_| |_88888________88888888_______888888__________88_____88_| |___88888______88888888_______888888___________88____88_| |____88888_____88888888_______888888_____________88__88_| |____888888____88888888_______888888_______________8888_| |8____888888___888____________888_888______88888____888_| |8_____888888__888___________888___888_____88888____888_| |88____888888__888__________888_____888____88888____888_| |888888888888__888___88___88888_____88888__888______888_| |_8888888888___88888888__88888______888____888888888888
I don't have to hear otherwise from you ^.-

songs of the 2 weeks

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Go-Go Yoshi

hound is the easiest person to talk to. He may see mean, but he's the most generous guy i know. He ish my silver crayon.

~My Crayons~ (basically the people i depend on when im on gaia)
break them, and i break your face

Nick is sweet and caring. He's not online alot but he warms up my day when he is. There for, he is my red crayon.

Vinneh ish a PIMP. lol. He is my gaia brother, he's more like a real brother to me though (don't tell him that) anywayz, he's my purple crayon.

I'm the green crayon of course ;D

my crazeh crew (we shine like the cullen vampires bish)

my son

Blingy, he's my favorite person in the world!!! He was the first eva guy that i gave a nick name, which makes him special. he's the least person you should mess with. he's a really shy guy and he blushes alot. he is my pink crayon.

Bitter is my newly found friend. He makes his point known. Even though he makes himself out to be a careless person. He beholds all the colors in the crayola box. ((he just doesn't realize it))He is the almighty Black crayon. You can't ever pretend to be him.