im pretty much completely out of the ordinary. if u ask any of my friends, they'll tell u im the weirdest person to walk the planet. they're probably right. im definately different. i love boys. thats m number one subject. thats definately what im going to major in. well....ok...i love MOST boys. the other ones i give animal names to make them feel beter. and then there are the ones that i used to like and now there just my bffs. but... i also like to shop. thats my weakness. i cant stop. i have another weakness.......sometimes, im too shy for my own good. and then, when im not shy...i confess. its a hard life, seriously peoples. u just gotta live it.> <><><><><>_:]Heyy heyy heyy! Wasup!! Lilly has been hacked by her bff Anna!!!! Lilly is a great girl she can be anyone's friend! if u talk to her for one sencond you'll be her friend like that! I Love You LillyBear so much (as a friend) So if anyone hurts her i'll get you! She is mine! Well i have nuthing to say!^^ Well Anna Banana Icecream Pie is OUTZZ!~PEACE~ ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------> Im the gangster,punk barbie you always wanted!" Knock,knock."Hello" Come in to my world :]" ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------> It's Kia Hacking! Caution...Caution...Caution... Warning... Warning... Kia WAzz hUrr..... On3 Of mE B3st!3zz f04 lIf3 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------> The rode to love might take a long time. Just dont forget the one you wanted to fall in love with on your way there. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------> --Hello There My friend-- Lilly geting Hacked! i Be Laya One of me sistaz best friends haha i L0vv U <33 hehe my friend ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------> Hey there my name be Sarah and yup me hacking besties told you all most of what there's to know so Peace<33 ------------------> [[_b0ut m33_]]