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"Death is a game we all play. Where time runs out, and lives get snuffed away.
Now, how about we play a 'Game'; where I'm Death, and your my pray?"


My Deadly Smile

XxThe CrazZiesXx

I'm your regular Crazy? That isn't true at all. I'm your death. Your killer of destruction. I seep into your mind, I kill your self control. I make you insane. I hide into the darkness, and everywhere I am. I'm watching you by your shadows, and every dark corner you can find. I'm the control of darkness, where I will drag you in. Every single second I'm watching, stalking, laughing at every single sane thing you do; especially if that sane will be taken over by me.

I control your shadows, the darkness around you. I'm under your bed, I'm in your closet, I'm at every dark place you can find. Your shadows will turn on you, dragging you from your mind, until you go insane and scream your death. I'm not your regular crazy, I'm your stalker, your bogeyman, your own Grim Reaper.




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My Stalkers