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He's the one who makes me fall in and out of love three times a day . He's the one who brings butterflies to my stomach . He's the one I wish to never replace . This is my Jerry. He's mine , I'm his .
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Teddii | 3.10 | Bisexual | Secretly Taken
I love to talk <33 Everyone's welcome to message me ;D
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I don't know who I really am, but this is me. Don't expect me to change for you, because that isn't what I do. I treat people the way they treat me, and I stay true to that. I'm the girl who has constant things thrown at her, but brushes it all off and starts a new day. You're not gunna bring me down so don't even try. Life's too short to let people ruin it.

likes; dinosaurs, platypusses, robots, domo, the air i breathe (the band), indie rock, most music types, dancing, eyeliner, teased hair, self originality, swearing, concerts, rum, stupid games, hanging out, rainbows, red-yellow roses, flowers, long grass, outer space, clouds, stars, sun rises, new music, true friends, the ocean, california, portland, OR, skinnies, making no sense, spring time, autumn time, rain, poetry, shakespeare, and more.<3
-dislikes; bieber fever, being called beautiful pretty etc. , jerks, fakes, liars, pessimism, sadness, papaya, poseurs, most rap music, people who talk about nothing, wannabe gangsters, rapists, people who use people, people who aren't straight up, cyber bulliers, stalkers, the wind, drama queens, when people say "FML", rude people, my home town, heat, places without plants, when people tell me i cant have a pet dinosaur, people who don't care about school, and stuff.

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"Be the change you want to see in the world."
-Mahatma Gandhi

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Things that make me laugh are disturbing and colorful . (:
Suck on that ;D


******** the unicorn, praise the skulls