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I'm on Skype so message Raka-sama!!!

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xXRakaTheBeastXx or Sean M Hayes

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Howdy, my name is Sean aka Raka-sama. I'm a 25 year old resident of Lafayette, Louisiana and I love everything Anime, except Yaoi...<,<....and I also love to RP. I'm currently in training to become Social Studies High School teacher with a minor in Dramatics, and I can't wait to get my career going. My view of life is to work hard, devote yourself to what you love, and live life to make that special person whom you love more than anything. hehe

My personal motto, which is something I live by, is, "Those who do not know about the past's mistakes are doomed to repeat them..."

Anyway thats me. Read on to see me and hear my character's story.

In addition to everything I am starting to do avi art and stuff just as practice in getting use to photoshop and using my pen. But my school takes president over my art so if you want some don't expect it back immediately. If you want a sample of my art PM me.

This is a picture of ME in all my AWESOMNESS! ^^

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This is my OC's Story....

Though I may not look it...I'm not exactly your adverage lycan...

You see my father was a powerful Wolf demon, and my mother was a great warrior in our tribe. So, one could venture a guess that I inherited some pretty interesting genes...

Due to the fact that lycan children are unable to control themselves when they transform, we are kept inside and away from the windows when the moon is full.

One night...when I was five years old...the moon was full and my mother and the entire village began to transform for the evening hunt...

I managed to get out of my room...not knowing any better...and looked up at the moon...which was my biggest mistake...

Instantly I transformed...my demon and lycan blood boiled together furiously as I rampaged across the village and through the forest slaughtering everyone...

My father came forth himself and tried to stop me...but my demonic powers mixed with the fury of the lycan transformation proved to be more than he could handle...

I awoke the next morning...drenched in blood...surrounded by the massacred bodies of my lycan brethren...

From that day on...I was forced to survive on my own...

I isolated myself in the mountains for 13 years...hoping to never again cause such distruction...eventually I came to understand the secrets of my powers...able to control my transformation I traveled the land learning the secrets of the martial arts from various teachers...

After 200 years of endless wandering I have come here...hoping to find a new place in this modern world...

I have finally broken the curse binding me to change under the moon's glow...but I still fear every night that a full moon rises that I will once again change into that evil demon wolf. But now I live in peace with my new family...

In recent years I have been on a journey of self-realization...

On my journey...I have met thousands of demon's who would call themselves "gods" and I have banished them into the eternal void...

After killing thousands of Onigami, Ogres, Dragons, Dragonkin, and many other creatures of the world of gods...I have ascended...

I am now Raka...God of the Moon...and I fear no man, demon, or deity any longer...


The New Book of Moon

Enter the Darkness...and you shall find the truth...

My recreation of my old Journal from when I was known as RakaTheBeast...



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Macabre Aria

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Macabre Aria

Happy birthday!

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Happy Birthday D:
Macabre Aria

Report | 05/19/2017 11:01 am

Macabre Aria

Hey. I am so sorry about disappearing like I did. I wasn't able to pay the internet bill and I still don't have it back yet...I am at the library right now. But I am doing my best to come back, just so you know, and I wanted most of all to apologize. I feel like an a** about it all.

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Hey there, long time no chat.
How have you been?
Macabre Aria

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Macabre Aria

How's it going?
Macabre Aria

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Macabre Aria

Macabre Aria

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Macabre Aria


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Hey there! Not sure if you remember me, my old account was Rainbow_zebra1993 ;w;

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-throws so much confetti at you- Happy Birthday x3
Lady Dreyar

Report | 06/06/2014 7:18 pm

Lady Dreyar

i dunno e.e


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