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Emperor Peony IX: Currently engaged to Jade Curtiss
Arianna Anne Luna: Goddess of Fire, sister to Alexial Chronicle
Melody Hencaster: Emperian, single but has interest in someone
Arianna Uchiha Daughter of Madara, taken by Sasuke
Alisa Uchiha Princess of the moon, Madara's wife, currently killed long ago and shortly after birth of her daughter

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The Real Me (Before you know my character

Name: Amanda (People call me 'Ana')
Age: 19 years old
School: Lakeland Community College
Major: Criminal Justice, Art, writing (I have three majors)
Occupation: Bassist in "Burning Descendant"
Hobbie: Reading, drawing, writing
Favorite Book(s): Dreaming Anastasia
Likes: Sleeping, helping people, drawing, reading, watching television, computer
Dislikes: Chocolate, sweets, annoying people, slow people, working at a slow pace

I will NOT accept just any friends request. If you send a request, I will leave it alone and either ignore it or decline it within a day or two. It is quite rare to for me to accept friends but I will send them if I find a reason

~ Melody Rose Hencaster ~[The "Tales of the Abyss" biography for Melody

Picture below is Melody's TRUE form
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Picture below is Melody's current image
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Melody is a very talented swordsman and fonist. She's rather quiet and very skilled when it comes to ceremonial alters and gifting. Melody is one of the few strongest spell casters in auldrant.
Most of the people that may have met Melody in the "Tales of the Abyss" fan fiction would describe her as a quiet, and stubborn woman.
That can be explained easily.
Melody can be extremely valuable and mysterious. She can easily get lonely if she is left alone for even a few minutes and is very likely to become depressed if someone hasn't given her respect. Melody could be a people person if she learned to become socialized, but merely because she was isolated back in her childhood.

Melody is difficult to get along with at first, but she had learned to follow behind others. She had made herself an attachment to the colonel of the Malkuth imperial forces.


Melody wasn't always herself.

She was born as Meledoniphia Rose-Hencaster. Hencaster was a royal family in a city called 'Emperia', a high priority family that had long bloodlines and usually an heir of a male or female. Situated in Emperia, Melody was born into a lonely lifestyle. She had a maid who was also her best friend, and didn't have to worry about anything.

But the main problem; she was isolated and kept within the palace.

When battle broke out and Meledoniphia's father, the king, killed her mother when she was born. Melody had to deal with a step mother and step brother until Kimlascan army sided with the Emperial army to take over and throw the throne. However, Meledoniphia and her maid successfully escaped but left that the King and his followers tried capturing and sacrificing Meledoniphia for her blood to sacred flames.

There was a problem; the colonel and general of the emperial army were following and helping meledoniphia so they succeeded and sended her and Selena on a ship that will lead them to Keterburg.

What Emperia didn't know, is that Meledoniphia was alive, however Meledoniphia and her maid had made it safely to Keterburg in a rush and in panic.

Getting off the ship, another who was helping them settle, they passed three children and a professor, but unknowingly it was Saphir, Peony, and Jade, and professor Nebilim.

Until the search of the Emperian Princess, Nephry, a young girl who helped train and keep her a secret, Nephry granted Meledoniphia the name of 'Melody' for safe keeping and as well an easy way to remember. Saphir gave her the last name of 'Ruther'.

Things decided to go wrong when a scientist's explosion occurred when Melody and her maid were playing a game, tossing a ball. According to researchers, the ball got caught in the machine and causing it to blow up.

Eventually, because of this, Melody's maid became very will from the chemicals and died, leaving Melody to grow stubborn and hard to get along with.

After a few years of this and Melody turned 28, she was found by the Emperial army and she was surprised that her father and the replicated army, as well as the scientist named 'Kizai' was still alive. She was found in keterburg and chased out of the city. She found herself trapped on a cliff in which the seas splashed below her. Luckily, Saphir, or should say, the god general Dist the Reaper, found out and than realized he had to help her since she was the girl who came to Keterburg and was still alive. He pushed her off the cliff, telling her to head to the plains and away from here. Because of the push in the sea, the Emperial army believed she had died. With this, they took their leave thinking that Dist was helping them.

She finally made herself climbing up from the rotelro bridge and meeting with Luke and the gang. At first, she hated them and couldn't stand the group but had decided to follow them anyway until she was ready to leave and get herself back to Keterburg.

However, the group came to dislike her, but the only ones that came to get along with her, was Guy and Natalia. Natalia was quite interested in her past and who she was, at the same time feeling bad for what has happened to her. Sadly, Melody was blaming that it was Malkuth that destroyed her kingdom, making herself in hatred of them and wanted to set revenge. As you could tell, she was lied to about that. But she didn't know that Jade was a colonel in the Malkuth army.

Melody began following Jade around, she immediately grew attached to him and at first, Jade didn't even want to give her the time of day.

When they first made their appearance in Grand Chokmah, everyone but Jade and Melody were escorted to the inn for rest. Until Jade wanted to deal with Melody for the time being. When General Frings greeted them, Melody suddenly attacked him but Frings tried defending for he didn't want to harm someone for no reason, and was in confusion as to why she was attacking him. Jade stopped this and took her to the military head quarters in his office, leading her to a secret lab room where he would talk to her.

This is when Melody first explains who she really is to Jade, allowing him to be the only one to know the reason why she is and who she is. Jade was surprised. When Melody ended up showing her true form of snow white hair and snow white eyes, he wondered about the same thing. Than Melody explained her special ability; To be able to stop someone from dying with a touch of her hand. With this, Jade had developed fonic gloves in which she would wear to stop that from happening for it was against nature. Melody accepted.

Jade had also tested her fon slots and reviewed to study what strange power she had.

After a while, Melody had came to fall in love with the colonel, but the colonel had tried ignoring this, he had once only allowed her to kiss him but pulled himself away, explaining he was a soldier and cannot let his emotions get to him out of instinct.

When they arrived in Keterburg months after, Melody was told she was brought back but she didn't want to leave the party for she grew too attached to Jade. She had went that night and sat on the snow in front of Selena, her maid's grave. Sitting there and thinking about the past and what she should do.

At the time, Nephry noticed that Jade was watching Melody and approached him, telling him what Melody had went through and who the grave belonged to, than spoke to the colonel that she could tell that he loved her, and with that, Jade had already admitted to his sister and walked over to sit with Melody where they spoke of the stars in the sky, in which Jade added that they were so far away but yet you could still see them. Than he admitted to her that he loved her.

They discussed in Melody's room at the hotel, that they would keep their relationship hidden and a secret from the others.

After a year or so, Melody ended up pregnant with Jade's child, and was forced to give the baby girl away when she was born, for Jade explained he wasn't ready to yet become a father, and he also realized that neither was Melody ready to become a mother. They ended up allowing the girl to be adopted.

After a year of defeating Van, Melody had been in a coma for the year and when she woke, Guy had brought her to Tataroo valley to meet her back up with Jade, in which Jade is surprised and glad to see that she was alive and awake. Tear later comes and tells Jade that she and the others had found out they were together because of the slight depression Jade went through when Melody ended up in a coma.

Jade ended up impregnating Melody once again after settling with her in Grand Chokmah, (yes she has learned it was not Malkuth that helped destroy her kingdom long before this), and when Jade found out that Melody was pregnant, he thought about it and soon proposed to her, than explained he had been wanting to do this. Melody asked why now of a sudden and is explained that Jade would want his kid in his name, so made it easier to propose, but found it hard and was surprised to know that Melody accepted happily.

They married, but Melody tripped and fell, causing Jade's shelf of books falling onto her and she then miscarried the child they were going to have. This became upsetting when the doctor explained that Melody would never be allowed to have a child, this had hurt Melody, but hurt the colonel much more when he found he would never be a father, but Melody came to the conclusion they try against after a few months, in which they did and was successful, giving birth to a girl they named 'Rose'.

Since then, Jade has been connected to his daughter and wanted in hopes to one day enjoy training her the skills she would be born with. Melody refers to Rose as Jade's most precious possession.

A few months after Rose was born, Melody was found in Grand Chokmah by her father and Kizai, in which they used fomicry to create Emperia's army and than attacked the floating city. Melody comes face to face with her own replica in which Kizai created. Claiming that Melody wasn't stronger in which she was. Jade ended up fighting the King and successfully killed him, when he ran to make sure that Melody was ok, he found two bodys laying on the ground, the one replica of Melody , and his own wife with a large open wound on her chest. This upset Jade and he panic, hovering over Melody's body and allowed tears to first time roll down from his eyes. Melody and her replica fought but both killed each other.

After several of years of this, Jade was able to communicate to Melody using the magical necklace she had given him long ago back at the destruction of Akzeriuth. Jade learns that its possible that she could be brought back to life using her power combined to his, but than was successful but it was Saphir that caused her return to Earth.

after a week of losing Melody, Jade was forced into a cell of a padded room where he would not be allowed to cast spells or use his polearm, he was kept there over nine months due to the fact he became depressed at a point where he kept trying to kill himself. Because Emperor Peony cared for him, he placed him in this padded cell and kept Rose in the palace. Than Jade finally came out after the emperor saw the state of weakness in him and than surprised when Melody was returned.

It was later that Melody gave birth again, to a boy they named after General Frings, 'Aslan'.

After the Emperor Peony married a member of the court, Elizabeth, they had a son named 'Alex' in which Peony and Jade discussed and told Melody that their kids would marry, Alex and Rose. Jade came to like this idea and as well Melody got to like it but first didn't.

After Elizabeth died of an illness, Peony killed himself causing the court to run Malkuth until Alex was old enough.Melody performs a ceremony at the docks because of the death of their emperor.

After drinking special water from a holy woman, she told Melody and Jade that the water would keep them looking young forever. After Melody and Jade drank this, the holy woman disappeared.

Jade later examined the papers that Aslan found after Aslan's 10th birthday and explained to Melody that the water they drink, was true but it killed only seventh fonists. With Jade keeping his youth and never growing old or ever to die, Melody would die because she was a seventh fonist.

After Alex and Rose married after they came of age, Rose and Alex were killed on their way to their own honey moon, causing Melody and Jade to be upset over this, plus the fact the young emperor was no more.

After a few weeks, Jade woke up in the middle of the night to find Melody struggling and coughing, he held her and Melody soon died from the holy water they drank. This cause Jade to curse under himself and than gave a ceremonial burial where she was buried in Theor forest under a cherry blossom tree and where white roses were planted, Melody was buried where where the sun rays shined, and as well Alex and Rose's burial.
After Aslan turned 20, Jade had been living a lonely life with out melody and Rose, and came to Aslan and told him that he will be killing himself that his time should've been up long ago due to age but the water keeping him the youth. Aslan understands this and Jade walks off to Theor forest where he meets Shelly, who was a long traveler they met long ago when they first met Melody, Shelly asks why Jade is going to kill himself, than Jade tries to tell her to go back to Ginji, whom Shelly married and has had a child with him as well. Shelly refuses and than asks Jade if He wants to be buried with his wife, Melody. Jade tells her that is what he wants, to be put to rest with her. Shelly than follows him there and said her last good bye, watching the colonel use his own spell to send him to his peace, vanishing into the ground belong through particles. Leaving his polearm behind. Shelly takes the polearm and stabs it to the ground by the tombstone, and using her power to stop anyone from removing it from the grave. Shelly stands there, watching the grave where she kept thought of all this, knowing that Jade is finally happy and where he wants to be.

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