I made this for chu cherry(:

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A hack frm sharon <3

Well Hello There(: Sharon Is here have No fear ahah Well im here to talk about My One&&OnlySoul sister(: Okay Well Her name is Cherrie[: Yeah i know Cute Name Huh??I mean cherries are just hella tasty!aha[: This is OUR thaanqq ''Cherries!!!!&&NUUUUUTTTS!'' Yeah Perfect mix[: I know i Know[:OKay Well Cherrie is Atteding ACBES alomst gonna Promote(= <333
She Got Aim too So Get @ Her ->CherrieDaDork<-- Yeah thats right she a dork[: But MYYY dork ahaha(= Okay She IS ASAIN!woot woot ASAIN PRIDE!dontHateOnTheRace [: Well,,, I Think my soul sister is Probally Most Deff The MOST PERFECT AWESOME PERSON IN THE WORLD TO ME!{: Words cant descibe How Much I freakin love her!![: She is Always, No matter what There for me ;D Every Time Im mad or pissed off she always seems to make me feel ALOT better[: Im so ThankFul To have her in my life cos she always Brings Me a Smile. Cherrie is a beautiful Girl Inside and Out and Has a Big heart(: Mysoul sisstahh has BAD a** editting Skills!DAMN Nigguh she PWNES!!PWHAHAH (= lool;; Aight Cherrie is SINGLE mofo![: idk if she lookin but go ahead and holla anyways cos she Cute like that aha<333
...She has Myspace and all that shizz[: ASk for her Digits!;D ohh and Btw DONT ever try to start Any Drama wit her cos Imma be there to back her Up and I go Hard(: ahaa, U dont even wanna go there breh' LOOL[: And she Got HELLA friends to back her up[= Dont mess wit her Nigguh cos thats just all bad right there ahah! razz .... Her BirthDaate IS Nov,27th Beezy's!!Get her a lil sumthin sumthin if u her frand( And Throw Some Cake In her face,!!Cos u know how i do[; Mann, I could Go On &&On about this Girl But imma Just let [u]You Get to KNow her Urself<33
Well, Im out Soul sister<3 IFFLLLYOUU!for LIFE SISTER!![: