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i lIke narutO.(VERY MUCH)!

ME! -.-"

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Harumi_Chan02 Report | 10/21/2011 11:29 pm
Don't stop reading even you only red STOP, One night, Cassie and her friend were at home playing on the computer. Cassie’s older sister was planning on going out and was making sure that all the doors and windows were locked. As she was leaving, she told Cassie not to answer the door to anyone.
Cassie and her friend went online and started looking at scary chain letters. They were laughing about how none of the threats in stupid chain letters ever came true. The didn’t believe in any of the scary e-mails or death chains and went to bed. Unfortunately, they forgot to lock the doors.
In the middle of the night, someone or something crept into the house and murdered Cassie’s friend as she slept in bed. When Cassie found her friend’s dead body, she was terrified.
Cassie went online and reposted every chain letter they had read the night before.
The next morning, when Cassie woke up, she looked in the mirror and was shocked to discover that her face was completely red. She ran downstairs and looked in a different mirror, but her face was still red. She touched her face, then looked down at her hand. It was covered in blood. Her skin was all burned and bloody.
News quickly spread around town about the murder of Cassie’s friend. Cassie’s sister arrived home later that night. She hadn’t seen the news. Cassie told her sister what had happened and her sister was in complete denial. Her sister thought that Cassie had gone insane and had her committed to a mental hospital. The murderer was never found.
Years passed and Cassie died of a rare disease. Her ghost came back for revenge. Hours later, Cassie’s sister was found lying dead on the floor. Her body was riddled with stab wounds. The man who found Cassie’s sister spotted a faint, red shadow lurking in the darkness. It was Cassie’s shadow.
The man heard a faint whisper and he could just about make out the words: “You didn’t see anything.”
If you don’t repost this chain e-mail to at least 6 people in the next 10 minutes, Cassie will haunt you too. This is not fake. Don’t believe me? Read below.
Case 1: Ashley Duran read this. She hates chain letters and ignored this one. The next night, Ashley’s parents couldn’t find her. They could see blood in the shape of her body in her bed. Her mother killed herself and her father was found guilty of murder.
Case 2: Jessica saw this death chain. She reposted it to just 5 people. Not good enough, Jessica. Not good enough at all. Jessica is currently in a coma and she may never wake up again.
Case 3: Justin Carehard only read a little bit of the story. He didn’t repost it at all. He disappeared. The police have been searching for him ever since. There was no sign of him. Nobody ever found so much as a fingerprint or anything. It was almost as if he had vanished into thin air.
Tomoyo Tomoeda Report | 11/20/2009 11:24 pm
Tomoyo Tomoeda
MoMo MaMa Report | 04/08/2009 9:12 pm
MoMo MaMa
Thanks for buying from my shop! smile
Harumi_Chan02 Report | 04/08/2009 3:57 am
dapat cookie ang name
phantomshyra Report | 03/29/2009 3:10 pm
Tomoyo Tomoeda Report | 03/21/2009 7:47 pm
Tomoyo Tomoeda
SaSaMi-Ai Report | 09/27/2008 9:22 pm

MaChiKo-Ai Report | 09/21/2008 9:38 pm
cousin ko ni kim...nga.a my problema...ha?!


hehehe joke lng....

klasm8 nya ka nuko ahh okey ah!!!

MaChiKo-Ai Report | 09/19/2008 8:55 am
ayteh! duhhh!!!?? O_O
MaChiKo-Ai Report | 09/19/2008 8:51 am
gaga...ol k na...!!???


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