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What the Voices in my Head say

My name is Hannah, and I am a digital arts and design student. I'm studying to become one of the best game designers out there and though I don't have many games made yet my plans and ideas are endless. Other then digital art I also work with traditional and will draw your portrait for a predetermined price. I plan on opening up a shop on gaia with more of my new work since most of the ones, except for the two piglets, I've submitted here are from two years ago. I will do requests once again for a predetermined price. I work at Krogers and enjoy it so because everyone is so much fun and sweet. My home life is good enough. I am the youngest of my family and the better of my two siblings. I am not exaggerating on that one, since my eldest lives at home with barely a job and well the other is actually doing well, she has a young son now smile . WOOHOO I am an aunt for the first time. I love and adore my friends, the old and new. They are just about as insane as me if not more. Though the person I love most is my boyfriend, we've been through more than I care to tell, yet he is one I hope to be with. So to those who care, my arms and mind are open if you'd like to know me personally.

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The Guardian's Handbook

This journal contains the written knowledge of the Guardians of the Dead. In these entries I shall record my life as the current guardian, and shall also record my knowledge on how to handle the dead and what they are.

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VanillaNightrail Report | 09/03/2012 8:50 am
Hi! Sure I'll add you on my friendlist we have lots of similar interests. Maybe you can even give me tips on game design, lol. ;3
fire_super_goku Report | 08/19/2012 2:01 pm
▒▒▓▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▓ copy to 5 profiles then click F5 for 500,000gg
_Mya_Kohler_ Report | 08/13/2012 1:23 pm
Thank you! blaugh
_Mya_Kohler_ Report | 08/12/2012 7:56 pm
Thanks for the friend request! 3nodding Your avi looks awesome! whee
Foxiimaru Report | 08/10/2012 8:38 am
Oh! Good luck to you! biggrin heart
Foxiimaru Report | 08/09/2012 5:14 am
I'm fine and how are you? smile
Foxiimaru Report | 08/06/2012 10:50 pm
hi! nice to meet you. ^^ heart
MissKay05 Report | 08/05/2012 9:27 am
hey thanks for buying!!
Valdysa Report | 07/12/2012 12:24 pm
Thank you very much for your purchase!
yellow06 Report | 04/25/2012 3:46 am
I am fine...i love ur avatar too..cute..
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