About Me! :D

Hewo Everyone!! :3
Welcome to the fabulous profile of xxGoddess_of_Mangaxx!!

I'm Asia (that's my real name). I'm an average girl who loves to read, draw and write. I also have an unhealthy obsession for manga. But its not too serious....yet. XD Anyway, I enjoy hanging with my BFFs, playing sports and being the unpredictable, crazy, funloving person I am!

Things I Love:
- manga (Chobits, Fruits Basket, DN Angel, Tsubasa, CCS, Angel Sanctuary, Vampire Knight, Rozen Maiden, xxxHolic)
- reading
- drawing
- writing
- playing sports
- meh Friends!! x3
- fruit ;D (mostly strawberries)
- cosplaying
- japanese things
- fashion

Things I Hate:
- being kept indoors
- people who dont like manga
- racism, sexism and the other "isms"
- noobs
- mean people
- my cousins
- my brothers
- people who are famous, even though they don't have talent

Also...I have huge, awful and unexplainable crushes on anime characters....and Liam (from the Jock Strap) *blushes*....don't ask