P a i g e ;

Twenty One Years Old;
June 1st, 1993.
Rarely dwells on Gaia nowadays.
Gaia, Photography, Piercings, Converse, Coffee, Energy Drinks, Fashion, Hair Dye,
Make-Up, Music, Writing, Drawing, Legos, Poptarts, Dr.Suess, Edgar Allen Poe, Silly T-Shirts,
Combat Boots, Granola Bars, Silly Pick-Up Lines, Alternative Rock Music, Romance,
Sharpies, Thunderstorms, & Destroyed Jeans.

My Hair Has Been Every Color Of The Rainbow,
& I Have Green Eyes.
I have 23 piercings, & 7 tattoos thus far.
I'm Vegetarian.
I Ramble.

I Change A Lot, But I'm Always Myself.
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