kill me
dead inside
broken heart
so many times
kill me or save me!


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one of my powems

To you my dear you
know who you are.

Passing by
Small little girl.
To young to notice.
Life is passing her by.
She finally..
Opened her eyes..
To notice..
14 years has gone by..
By the time..
She tries..
She barely has time to cry..
She has one drop..
To know it's the last thing..
For she shall hear..
She lets one last drop come down her cheek..
Before closing her eyes..
Not knowing what she did..
in her past..
As she keeps them closed..
She knows she will never..
Open them again..

Why Dont You Relize I'm Broken?

How can you stop my crying
When you're the one who made me start?
How can I ever heal
This very fragile heart?
My mind has turned against me,
I have yet to find my grace,
But how can you be happy
When you see my crying face?
I think and think and think to myself,
What made me fall in love?
What made me be peaceful
Like some sacrificial dove?
I wish I had seen the truth
Before it was too late.
Now I see that you are gone,
Now I have sealed my fate.
Everything has changed for me,
I now see truth and lies,
Why didn't I see the truth,
On these vast and hurtful skies?
Again I see that I was wrong,
I don't know where to start.
But I know you are not the one
To heal my broken heart.


writen to read

dead inside
at my insanity
broke down last night
and drugs
broke down inside
and now you see what i see
and now i see that you just watch
not doing anything
why cant you help why cant you save my life?

i love to write!!

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A Dark Angels Resting Place


words from my demon friends

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R3dx621 Report | 12/30/2010 7:03 pm
i think i got da right one hmmmm
there were many reasons i never wanted to see you agin.
and mybe if you tried to think why...
you will finaly realize that you falling apart was the least of my worries
well tho you could probily be dead right now for all i know but i the end thats what i hate the most not knowing
i wish there was a way for me to know.
lately thoughts of the past ben haunting me
the pictures in my head. why?
Metalxkid14 Report | 07/20/2010 12:56 pm
Hey, I'm back at home now so we can talk again
koombi12 Report | 07/05/2010 9:42 am
i trust u wit my HEART.
koombi12 Report | 07/05/2010 9:39 am
i trust u wit my HEART.
koombi12 Report | 07/04/2010 8:10 pm
Kurayami Hikami Report | 04/15/2010 2:54 pm
Kurayami Hikami
HI biggrin


My lovely dove
Hold me when the sky turns black,
and the people start to run.
As you and I stay and wait
for owr sure to come demise.

Stay with me,
and you and I will get to see
the life behind the lies.
They told us to run,
but we dont move cause we know theirs no escape.

they called us stupid,
as they walked by.
But they didnt relly care.
Just you and I holding tight,
never letting go,this ending world
is owr last stop today for you and I.

They came with guns,
they said step back.
But we woun't move.
Till they go back
we woun't leave...

Then the people were all gone.
To who knows where
I'ts just you and I,
as the sky starts to flair.
your under It I'm under you...

You tryed to take cover,
but you pushed me with you.
We died together.
Everyone else died in fear,
we stayed strong and died as one.

A true story from a special person


I am the forgotten child, born this day.
Lost and alone, trying to find my way.
I begged for someone, to hear my plea.
But I lay in silence; no one came to comfort me.
So sweet and innocent, like a newborn dove.
Longing to be held, searching for love.
So sad a fate, no life for a child.
My mother’s tragedy, being raped and defiled.

My mother was someone, she’d been a nurse.
Those torrid memories, had become her curse.
She turned her back, took us to the street.
Turning tricks, and giving into defeat.
A pimp and his drugs, soon came along.
She bought into his story, into his song.
I watched on, as my mother decayed,
Having been torn apart, having been played.

From infancy I knew, a life of abuse and neglect.
I tucked away my feelings, having no self-respect.
I wanted a way out, from this plane of reality.
So I lost myself inside, where I found serenity.
No one tried to help, or came to intervene.
So I carried on, as if living was a dream.
I prayed to God, for my salvation,
From this nightmare, of my soul’s starvation.

My mother’s poor choices, had sealed my fate.
So slowly time passed, finally I turned eight.
The social worker came, she whisked me away.
In foster care I’d find, a permanent place to stay.
But this was untrue, I was told a lie.
From family to family, I was forced to fly.
Seven homes later, adoption was sought.
A change in my life, had finally been wrought.

But this was also a lie, which I quickly did see.
Tossed to the ground, with the waste and debris.
Back to foster care I went, all hope now erased.
A family for me, gone without a trace.
I was so distraught, felt alone and betrayed.
Forced onto drugs, my mind and soul soon decayed.
A mere shadow of myself, now an anorexic waif.
Picking holes in my body, longing to be safe.

I had come full circle, become just like my mother.
My life was stolen, my soul was smothered.
It’s now up to me; should I choose life or death?
My answer is clear, I choose to take another breath.
Please God help me, understand the reasons why?
So I can be free, to fly high and touch the sky.
No longer allowing others, to determine my fate.
Taking care of myself, eating and gaining weight.

A message from heaven, a renewed sense of hope.
I had to try harder, to learn how to feel and cope.
My “forever family” has come, no more must I roam.
I’m the fairy princess, whose castle is now her home.
This is my reality, no longer living life as a dream.
Because living life is better, like eating strawberries with cream.
I’ve learned about loving, taught with kindness and grace
I know true happiness, now that I’ve found my special place.

-the gothic beauty

He took everything.

Lingering in the dark
So cold
Longing for the light
Wishing to be found
Yet dieing to stay here.

I feel safe here
Im ment to be in the dark
im safe
I wount have to worrie
About hurtting nomore.

He took every thing from me
More then he thinks cause he took everything
I'm longing for revenge
I'm hoping to see him again
Cause id kill him.

I just want my heart to feel whole again
I cant stand just waiting around
Waiting to see if hes looking for me
I just wanna not hurt
I just wanna feel whole again.

My faviored song.

Dear God By: Avenged Sevenfold

A lonely road crossed a nother cold state line. Miles away from those I love, purpose hard to find. While I recall all the words you spoke to me, cant help but wish that I was their, back where I'd love to be, Oh yeah.

Dear god, The only thing I ask of you is to hold her when I'm not around, when I'm much to far away. We all need that person who can be true to you, but I left her when I found her and now I wish I'd stayed.

'Cause I'm lonely, And I'm tired, And I'm missing you again...Oh no. Once again.

Their's more to the song but you'd better just look it up on youtube ....XD I <3 you all not relly I love
Christopher Jacob .....

Abandond Child....

I'm so alone dieing for earths settling touch
dear mother wount you hear my dieing plea?
I wish to disaper in my pain,
as you watch me fade away.
The scars on my writs,
never fade, unlike me in this new age.
A savior is what im begging please.
Watch the blood run out loose,
and watch my face turn pale.
As you watch with your new man,
and laughf away,
as much as you can.
I love you though you dont love me,
now I stand as a dieing child so lost and forgotten...