HELLO THERE! MY NAME IS…(Lol you think I’m really going to tell you?) Okay then, I’ll give you a hint. I have a first name, a middle name, and a last name. (>_< I’ve told too much!) I live in Candy Land. (If you believe me…GET HELP!!) I actually live in a forest, where creepiness roams everywhere. My age is teenage age, that’s my age. <_< That was weird. I am a Virgo. I attend a school where you learn things like how 2 2=5. (…wait a sec, that doesn’t sound right. Counts on fingers. .///. IT’S 4! IT EQUALS 4!) I’m not a good example. But It’s somewhere you learn stuff that you really don’t need in life (I AM JUST KIDDING!!) I’m guessing you came to my about me to learn about me. Well you came to the right about me. Cause this is ALL ABOUT ME! ^o^
My favorite color is… GREEN! I<3GREEN!
My favorite food is… o.o I like all food, like a goat. I<3ALLFOOD!
My favorite show is…SpongeBob SquarePants. And Hakushaku To Yousei. I<3SPONGEBOBSQUAREPANTS&HAKUSHAKUTOYOUSEI!
MY BODY (don’t even get that idea…)!!~
Male or Female?… >_> <_< -whisper,whisper,- don’t tell anyone, but I’m a girl. Remember It’s a secret…
Lefty or Righty? IM A PROUD LEFTY! WOOT GO ALL LEFTYS!! ._. And righty’s too I guess…
Hair Color… Red. ._. (‘’yay’’ joy to the world, I have a nasty red/rust colored hair…)
Eye Color…BLUE! (I sort of wish I had green, or hazel eyes cause most people with red hair have blue eyes. Its kind of boring.)
Face…It has a nose (with 2 nostrils), a mouth, ears (2, both of them pierced), eyes (2), and…FRECKLES (not many. Just a few on my nose and cheeks)!! (I used to think that you got freckles by, when you were asleep at night, fairies would come in and paint them on your face. I thought it was so cool, and magical to have freckles.) I<3FRECKLES!!
Waist… I’m skinny 8D
Hips…Not to large. I’m curvy though
Legs… º_º very long…
>_<‘’ ._. 5’3...
ºAº -GASSSSSP- >_> <_< -whisper,whisper- remember our little secret?? Girls don’t tell their weight!
What NOT SO MYTHICAL creatures do you believe in…Unicorns, Loch Ness, Big-Foot, Aliens, Fairies, Dragons, Mermaids, Ghost, Flying Pigs (so the phrase ‘’when pigs fly’’ Doesn’t bother me ^-^), o.o I believe in just about everything… I’m very gullible. (my grandma once told me that pink milk comes from pink cows, I believed her and then wanted a pink cow…until she told me she was just kidding ._.)
What Languages do you know…English, and learning French.
What are you good at… playing piano (goodly ß is that even a word??), Running goodly, sometimes being funny goodly, and DDDRRRRAAAAWWWWIIIINNNNGGGG goodly ;D I’m really kind-hearted (that’s what everyone tells me) I try to treat everyone the same. (unless I really hate someone, then I’m mean to them.) LOL IM JUST KIDDING 8D I don’t hate anyone. (it makes me feel fuzzy inside when people tell me that ^///^)
What are you bad at… .///. Charming people… V_V I’m not a really good charmer. I try to make good grades, even though I don’t (mainly B’s), I’m not very pretty. (and its weird, everyone in my family is or was extremely attractive.)I have horrible karma (you don’t even know º_º) I chew my nails when I’m nervous V_V. and the really sad thing is that I can find a million things wrong with me, but barely any good ones ( its weird cause most people brag about all the things they can do, and make it seem there’s nothing their bad at)
Stuff you want people to know… Well, I really don’t care if someone is gay, lesbian, or bi. I don’t go by how a person looks, talks, dresses, or believes in. I think EVERYONE is entitled to their opinion
Likes are Likes, and Love is Love. Cant stop it. I don’t appreciate Yo’ mama jokes, gay jokes, or anything like that. I have my own set of beliefs, and don’t allow that to not let me see who someone really is and likes. I don’t push someone away just because their ‘’a little different’’ I’ve had my own experiences with people thinking I’m bi, just because I hang around a lot of girls, I’ve had people thinking I’m crazy (which I understand why) just because I believe in all those things. But I’ve had people become my best friends because I am, who I am, and I appreciate ALL of them because of that ^_^. I like to think PEACE LOVE AND HAPPINESS!! When something bad happens to me I write it down, put it in a box and look at it later to see it wasn’t so bad after all. I try to remember LIG (Life Is Good) I’ve never had a real boyfriend (none that lasted long like 1 or 2 years) I look for a lot of things in guys, like: (oh, no. here comes a list…) Niceness( someone who compliments me, like saying my hair looks nice even though its like a fan just attacked me), Looks (._. I’m sad to say that it wouldn’t hurt to have a pretty good looking guy. But I usually try to look past that), patient (omg yes! ._. I’m slow at almost everything.), guys that are a little muscular (not like freaky muscles, but like a nice six pack, pecs, maybe some awesome abs, and arm muscles. <_< uhm…) AND LOTS OF OTHER STUFF THAT I DON’T FEEL LIKE EXPLAINING RIGHT NOW!!! D;<


ILY <3