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I Am a tottally nice (sometimes). So dont be afraid! Also I love drama. Miming Hmmm I'm ok. Am I single? No sorry. Taken by the best man ever. Been talking 'bout our love since 03/11/10. But I'm avalible for any good roleplay. I do get scared of stupid horror stories.. Tell me them anyways its my fault. Nightmare on Elm Street was tottally awesome! Yes, I am insane.

My name oh thats to easy. Al3ex. You pronounce it Alex though. That A-L-3-E-X My Age 15 no friken der. yeah i do wear glasses got a problem calling me a nerd? your a tard then. I have green ish brown eyes. Brown hair A der.
☑ Black
☑ Money
☑ Blood
☑ Horror
☑ Tacos, Chicken wraps, Nachos.
I strongly dislike these:
☒ Preps
☒ Snobs
☒ Strict people
☒ Non-humorous people
☒ Pink
I love my cat Luna. Shes a 10 month old greay and white tabby kitten.... She took her first few steps outside! On 4/18/10 So cool! I used to have a dog......( momment of silence) R.I.P Benji was a fantastic dog. I loved him to death. I used to have pet rats. Nancy and Midnite. I loved them. R.I.P Nancy was a blue hooded rat. She loved exploring. Midnite was a irish blue rat. Midnite was wonderful cute and sweet. she loved giving you baths. They were swallowed with adisease that came up so fast I had no idea, until they had left me. I still see their spirts. I hear their chittering and Chattering. Yes i see spirits tight right!

I am still living my life because of my friends. Otherwise....... You get it. i hope you got all your info about me. Love you. Good bye.
I am:

Midnite Become their fans? They will smile down at you.
Benji: 3
Luna: 3
Midnite: 4
Nancy 3
Thank you.....