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_o Chococat o_ Report | 07/02/2010 1:41 pm
_o Chococat o_
hey wats up...
_o Chococat o_ Report | 06/29/2010 5:16 pm
_o Chococat o_
hey suki!! wats up?
Jenni BunnyBells Report | 06/29/2010 12:54 pm
Jenni BunnyBells
hey suki chan!!!!!!
Jenni BunnyBells Report | 06/21/2010 12:55 pm
Jenni BunnyBells
hey hey suki
its been awhile!
so anyway i have a favor to ask
just send me a pm wen ur on
Xo_Beloved_RolePlay_oX Report | 06/21/2010 12:01 pm
Hey Suki-chan just a reminder. Did your dad talk to mine about the jobs yet? ^^
Xo_Beloved_RolePlay_oX Report | 06/20/2010 7:16 pm
Lawls okies Suki-chan!
Xo_Beloved_RolePlay_oX Report | 06/20/2010 7:07 pm
Oh it's okay Suki. He was just really really happy to give him his number. =D
Xo_Beloved_RolePlay_oX Report | 06/20/2010 5:16 pm
Suki-chan how come your dad hasn't talk to my pop yet?
Xo_Beloved_RolePlay_oX Report | 06/20/2010 5:08 pm
*Lol page rape!* Hi Suki-chan =3
OfficialHyuga18 Report | 06/14/2010 5:17 pm
ahhhhh suki i need to read your awsome story!!!!!!!!!

School Days Vocaloid Fandub

trying to blend with megumi is fail x 5

Sugao flavour fandub

my fail attempt at singing dolce melodia i dont speak and am not italian so >.< sorry for butchering your beautiful language

All about me read it or die........xD jk but read it ok

Wow i finally decided to update this thing xDD
Well~ My name is actually Katrina *FAILS FOR HAVING THE NAME OF A HURRICANE* but people call me Suki~ so feel free to call either one i don't really care which xD ummmm.....SUKI <3'S DARK MOUSY FROM D.N. ANGEL~! 8D although.........i can't listen to the opening english or japanese without crying...i don't know why though =w= i REALLY despise Risa~ 8D *cough* slut.. *cough cough* i've seen alot of anime in my 13 years of living xD i'm probably one of the worst spellers,procrastinators you will ever meet =w= and i have bad memory xD Overall i guess i'm nice 8D as my friend Ashley says i'm violent but nice 8D i wouldn't have to be violent as long as you don't piss me off 8DD what else do i have to say....OH I'VE NEVER IN MY LIFE HAD A BOYFRIEND~! -SHOT- it's cause i is fugly =w= although.........i like this guy in my class i will say this right now........I LOVE JALEN <33~! i hope he never finds my profile if he has a gaia......*DIES* oh well~! 8D eto......OH i also REALLY DESPISE TWILIGHT~! It's one of the stupidest movies ever next to mega shark vs. giant octopus xDD Ya i saw the preview it made me laugh xDDDD Things that i hate are~: Cabbage, all kinds of bugs, thunder, sharks, and cities (even thouh i live in one it doesn't mean that i like it xD) I'm writing a story in my notebook 8DD So far i'm on the 19th page~ the story is called " Sakura Ai! "
etooo......................*thinks about something else about me* If you ever meet me and i'm with my'll think i'm a freak cause i call Shadow my baby doggie even though he's 3 xDD I play violin 8DD 5 years of playing and i can't do vibrato on it DD:
I want to become a vet but i hear that the courses are really hard so maybe i'll be a pastery chef 8DD *can't bake for cheez* it's just when you see the people on tv making cakes you wanna make it too because they look so good~! x3 Ok i think that's all for now 8DD bai bai~


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Ryuuguu Rena
You’re a lot like Rena. You appreciate physical aesthetics, and are visually oriented. Things like a beautiful sunset, a tearjerking story, or an attractive person make your heart skip a beat—but you have your own idea of exactly what fits your definition of these things. You have an eye for details, and you don’t like unanswered questions, if they pertain to you. The flip side is, you learn better when you’re learning about things that interest you—general knowledge is a bit boring. You’d make a good detective—you pick up on cues in other people’s speech well, and you often notice things that other’s don’t. You’re a bit superstitious. Not about breaking mirrors or black cats—rather, to you, everything has eyes. Stuffed animals are watching you. Posters and photographs remind you of people being in a room with you. You talk to the television as if you were expecting it to talk back. Even in a pitch black room, you always tend to feel like a presence is watching you. It’s not necessarily a bad thing—maybe you like the idea of always having a ‘friend’ by your side. Though, it’s probably something you should keep under wraps, because you tend to get vivid when you talk to yourself—people look at you funny when you do that. You’re everybody’s friend, and easy to get along with, but you have a darker aspect to your personality. Your friends love you, but they know where to go, and where not to go. There are certain topics that you have a very strong opinion on, and you can’t abide disagreement. At your best, you can just dismiss it and walk away, but at your worst—you’re compelled to get into a heated argument to defend your point of view. Pissing you off isn’t easy to do, but it’s a really, really bad idea to push you too far. Rather than simmering, you explode when you’re angry, and without even realizing it, you purposefully look for the most hurtful things to say, even if you don’t mean them. Woe betide if anybody were able to cross you far enough to compel you to raise your hand against them…


This is one of my BEST friends on youtube~! Wind-chan ;D shes the one i did the duet with~! i love you Wind-chan (no homo) xDD

*eats pie* NOM NOM NOM NOM NOM :33

MY BFFFFABXI (best friend forever for life times infinity xD) yesh i know her in real life but she moved away *tear*