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Pastel_Ame_Hime Report | 05/13/2014 10:59 am
Hello! heart
gnarIyy Report | 07/15/2013 2:18 pm
Thanks for buying! 3nodding heart
akatsuki girl22696 Report | 06/14/2012 2:50 pm
akatsuki girl22696
HIIIIIIIII!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol wat up heart heart heart heart dramallama dramallama dramallama dramallama dramallama ninja ninja ninja ninja ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh wait 4 it...................................................................................................................................................... whee
sexy t-boy 2 night Report | 04/29/2012 11:19 am
sexy t-boy 2 night

♥Boy: I Really Like You; Will You Please Go Out With Me...?Girl: Yes.Boy: What?!?Girl: Yes.Boy: YES!*Girl Starts To Fall For The Boy**Exactly One Month Later*Girl's friend: I Think It`s Time You Two Broke Up.!Girl: Okay..{Secretly Doesn`t Want To But Is Too Afraid Her Friend Will Hate Her If She Says No.}Boy: Hey.Girl: Hi.Boy: How's it going?Girl: It's fine.Boy: What's wrong?Girl: I think we should break up..Boy: What..?Girl: We should break up.Boy: Why..?Girl: It`s Just... We Never See Each Other Anymore/:Boy: I can change that.Girl: I've never met your family..Boy: I can change that.Girl: I just don't feel that way for you anymore..Boy: I wish I could change that.Girl: I'm sorry.Boy: I know.Girl: I Have To Go..Boy: Thanks for trying..{Next day:}Boy: Hey.Girl: I'm sorry..Boy: No I'm happy we broke up I could tell we weren't going anywhere too.Girl: Okay.../;{Freshman year:}Girl: (Playing their song) I like him.I have since we first started dating,but I can't tell him;I can't tell anybody.{Sophomore year:}Boy: (Has A New Girlfriend)Girl: (Playing their song) I like him...I still do...but I can't tell him,I can't tell anybody.{Junior year:}Boy: (Him And His Girlfriend Break Upp)Girl: I Like You. I Always Have -&&- Always Will!Boy: I'm Sorry, I Like Someone Else.Girl: (Runs Away Cryingg.){The next day:}Boy: (Finds a note in his locker)Note: I Told You I Like You, But I Was Wrong. I Meant I Love You; But You Don`t Love Me. I Wish I Could Change That. I`m Sorry For That Day Back In 8th Grade. I Really Didn`t Want To. I`m Gone Now, I`ve Been Sick For A While Now.. But The Time You Read This I`ll Be In The Hospital On Life Support. I Just Needed To Tell You Before I`m gone. I Love You♥ Don`t Forget That!!(:Boy: (Stares At The Paper For A Long Time And Runs Down The Hall, He Went To Her House, But She Wasn`t Home.){The next day:}Boy: (Goes To The Hospital And Tells The Nurse Who He Wants To See)Nurse: It seems she checked out yesterday.Boy: She's better?Nurse: I'm afraid not. She had cancer and she passed away yesterday. I'm sorry.Boy: (stares at the floor, he runs out the door and down the street){The Next Day, At Her Funeral!)Boy: (Asks to speak)Boy: A Few Days Ago I Received A Note From Her. (He Reads The Note) And I Wanted To Tell Her Before She Left That I Loved Her, I Love Her. I Loved Her For A Long Time; And There Is Nothing I Can Do Now.! -Nothing-All I Can Say Is I Love You, And Now Your Gone.... I Wish I Could Change That.!Boy: (Starts Crying And So Does Everyone Else.)~ The Boy Ends Up Marrying Her Friend Who Told Her To Break Up With Him In The First Place. When He Found Out What She Had Done, He Killed Himself; To Be With The Girl He Really Loves!♥ He Was 28.Repost Or You Will Have Bad Luck In Love For 28 Years./:Repost And Somebody Will Tell You They "Love You" Tomorrow And You Will Get Good News Tonight At Midnight(:Repost If You Have A Heart And Want To Find A Cure For All Serious Diseases Including Cancer ♥
iiSexy Panda15 Report | 04/20/2012 10:02 am
iiSexy Panda15
love you and miss you
sexy t-boy 2 night Report | 04/04/2012 5:37 pm
sexy t-boy 2 night
Cuz I wanted to
sexy t-boy 2 night Report | 04/02/2012 8:05 pm
sexy t-boy 2 night

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sexy t-boy 2 night Report | 04/01/2012 10:21 am
sexy t-boy 2 night
Good I moved to my own place with some friends & Im in love with the most amazing gurl that's
Showed me what love is I think she's the one for me<3
sexy t-boy 2 night Report | 04/01/2012 10:16 am
sexy t-boy 2 night
I mizz u so much sis <3
sexy t-boy 2 night Report | 03/31/2012 9:26 am
sexy t-boy 2 night
Sis i heart u

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