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Name : Rei Valentino (Just call me "Rei")
Sex : Male
Age : 19
Nationality : INDONESIA
Ethnicity : Chinese
Language : Indonesian and English
Relationship Status : [x] Single - [ ] Taken



It's good to be myself. My life is simple, i don't like my life so complicated. actually i'm in here alive is a problem so i don't want make this life complicated, just enjoy and do what you want. i like be free and care about my self alone. I know what i must do, i'll learn from the past, because it's the best teacher. and i don't care what the other people said about me, i'll keep moving forward and be my self. Never look back and wish don't do the wrong thing again. I WILL SURVIVE !

詩人 :

The image of me crying
The foolish image of myself
I hate the sun that shines upon the ground
If anyone recognized me
and asked why I was crying
I really hated not being able to answer

I wanted to avoid the sun
No matter how hard I ran
The sun was always overhead
I really wanted to forget you
No matter how hard I tried,
No matter how hard I tried you were still inside of me

I really hated to still miss your
Smile and the hands that touched me
Inside of so many people
While they laughed and shared stories
I tried to forget you
But again, tears fall

Everyone thinks that I forgot
But I think that I’m going to go crazy
I really want to forget
I really want to erase my memory
But it’s not working…

Like a thorn that is stuck so deep that you can’t take it out
Like a scratch that was hurt so much that it will leave a scar
A person like you can’t ever be erased
Even though we’re apart, it seems like we’re still living together
If only I could erase you by crying
I cry so much that it’s enough to make a river
Even if I live, I want to forget you and live correctly…
I want to live normally… I want to live normally…


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