All hail the queen!

Yo yo yo, what's up and welcome to my profile!

My real name is Gabbi, but I'd prefer if you'd refer to me as "Queen" or "Queenie" c;.

I'm 24 yrs old and I live in America and I'm a very complex hybrid which will involve too many words to explain.

I am a female.

I don't literally consider myself 'royalty' this name has been used on several MMOs that I've played in the past that I just use it for everything.

Coming back from a long gaia haitus so you won't catch me in the forums much, but from time to time you can catch me playing zOMG!

Currently I'm addicted to a mobile game called Marvel Contest of Champions, I also make youtube vids about it..

Random PMs and comments are fine, so don't be shy. c;

I do enjoy roleplaying.

I really despise smartasses.

Glasses are sexy.

kpop is taking over my life..

Proud iGot7

Cosplay is fun!

@xQueen of Pawnsx

Queen of Pawns#2555

I love art, especially freebies, they make me feel special, but I don't mind paying.

Music and pizza fuel me!

Let's be freaks friends.