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I'm 16, but I dont really look it or usually act it razz . 5'2 is mah height, but Im not short, Im fun-sized biggrin . Anime is 1 of mah many obsessions. I have a lotta friends, but mah bests are Rayne, Mikhail,Sarah,Devaki,Laura, Andrea,Noah, Molly, Kristen n Audrey. IF you know meh at all, you know I can get pretty hyper. But isn't that why yall love meh ? biggrin . I'm usually friendly, But can be pretty bitchy sumtimes,I can be wierd,but im sure 2 make yah laugh..I like the Kingdom Hearts and Final Fantasy video game series. Im really into blue haired anime guys! My favorite is Zexion! I like Ikuto Tsukiyomi,Cloud Strife Zack Fair and Reno too!I also madly love Deidara the Akatsuki member from Naruto,n none of you bitchez can have him! *bites your hand off* Me n Mah friend Sita Just find Sephiroth so sexy! lol ;P I like Yuffie Kisaragi n Utau Hoshina the best as far as my favorite Anime girls go,I also love Aerith too! Hehe ;P


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the life of a nobody

i'm duffy and i'm currently 15 and i'm am really depressed, i have no boyfriend to make me feel beatiful and my parent's don't get me and my brother who has a gaia too is just plain annoying!


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Sita Harker Report | 11/13/2009 4:25 pm
Sita Harker
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Sita Harker Report | 08/02/2009 4:22 pm
Sita Harker
^_^ yw. I actually have an entire Harley Quinn profile too... and here's where I store all my Harley/Joker images:
and my fav Harley website:
Sita Harker Report | 07/31/2009 7:13 pm
Sita Harker
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Techno Wielder Report | 07/06/2009 12:16 pm
Techno Wielder
Yep yep- I'll be your daddy if you be mah mommeh! Oh bby!
ebowers Report | 07/02/2009 5:54 pm
sup it is poobe
Techno Wielder Report | 07/01/2009 6:02 pm
Techno Wielder
I forgive you for accidentally moving me to the bottom of your friend's list. Now...

texis chainsaw massager Report | 06/28/2009 6:15 pm
texis chainsaw massager
so did you get my message saying my name used to be eyeball521
texis chainsaw massager Report | 06/12/2009 11:07 pm
texis chainsaw massager
hey can you tolk i havent talked to you in for ever so commit me back
Sita Harker Report | 06/05/2009 2:00 pm
Sita Harker
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Sita Harker Report | 03/17/2009 6:09 pm
Sita Harker

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