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Hello and welcome to my profile. I'm Larxene, also known as Taylor. I'm on my laptop near daily. I may say some rude things; please do not take it personally. I am actively attempting to use hyperboles in my everyday speech. My strong point is Art and Language Arts.

I would adore to achieve my dreams on here. If your nice to me I might just draw you something. I love many bands, but do not acquire the time to list them all. I love signs, art, stories, tekteks. You supply and I'll buy.

Don't stuff your beliefs, religion, or opinions down my throat. I have the right to believe what I damn please. Freedom of Speech is always in place, I guess. We may have a debate once or twice, but rarely because my debates turn for the worst.

DON'T. BEG. FOR. GOLD. Point blank; I won't donate or do freebies. It just isn't my thing. My art; let it be stories, avi art, tekteks, whatever; is worth more than a freebie. My freebies are rare and only if I adore you. I do most of them as the spur of the moment. So don't beg and I might give you one...MAYBE.

My best friends on this site are somewhere on my profile. They are the ones I know in RL for the most; your lucky if you can make it there. I don't need you to beg and plead to be up there. You have to be chill around me because I might spur into hyper mode, and two hyper people isn't good.

I guess that's basically me. Ask for more information. I love youu,?