no secrets

User ImageShe follows the Moon singing Her soundless, wistful song of elegant light. She ascends each night into the sky and sails on the Moon's mystic arch, impaling the night with Her Forever path into dawn. I am like She, a silent singer in a glacier-slow dance across my Forever path toward the dawn. Like She, I weave my journey in the eternal waning and waxing of light and dark along my way. Such is my soul: constant stillness, yet always in the midst of flux and shift. We are all eternally in motion across time. Even when all the world seems frustrated and frantic, we remain in graceful, fluid motion, always sailing and spinning in the dance that is Forever.

This thing cannot be considered a secret, for it is well-known despite the fact that Her wisdom occupies that dark matter of what commonly remains unspoken, unwritten, and ultimately on the brink of what is nearly forgotten. Even in plain sight each night, only Those Who Remember understand how to hear Her song and follow Her dance. Anyone can ascend from dark and come into the light, and yet Her path grows ever more deeply obscure. I am captivated, humbled, saddened by this beauty that so few care to fathom anymore.

Wizard, my old friend, cast aside your tomes and scrolls just once under a Moon-full night, and weave some soul magic into your own Forever path. Let your dance fall into the rhythm of Her silvery silent song. At least once in this lifetime, recall the song and let yourself hear Her again. Your soul will remember, and if we are very lucky, perhaps we will glimpse each other from alternate ends of Forever that night.

Meet me there someday. I await your arrival.

- Xhong, humble servant of Eilistraee, Darksong Knight, Baelnorn.

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